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With High Voice soloist and Instrumental Accompaniment: Suspended Cymbal, Two (Orff) Marimbas, Piano, Toy Piano, Triangle and Glockenspiel.

Instruments: Choir, Piano, Cymbal, Triangle, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard, Percussion
Derived from a poem by William Carlos Williams, Mackey's first work for treble chorus is inspired by a counterpoint between the elements of stillness and movement. With woodwind quintet, harp, triangles, finger cymbals.

Instruments: Harp, Cymbal, Triangle, Strings, Percussion
Processionals are always in demand and this intriguing, yet accessible original fits the bill! It features a spirited modal flavor; a generic text making it appropriate for any festive occasion; parts for Hand Drum, Tambourine, and Triangle; and a middle section comprised of individual partner melodies which layer in and build to the dramatic ending.

Instruments: Triangle, Tambourine, Percussion
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Instruments: Other, Triangle, Percussion
What a great combination - a locomotive chugging out of the station, gradually gaining speed, and the great American 12-bar blues form. This fun piece is loaded with special effects including a second percussion part with anvil, triangle, and suspended cy

Instruments: Percussion, Triangle
Four original instrumentals all in standard tuning and in different keys are taught in this lesson. These are multipart compositions that should challenge the intermediate to advanced fingerstyle guitarists. Stefan has brought together folk, blues, country and jazz ideas to these solos. Bermuda Triangle Exithas three parts. It begins with a counterpoint section that then leads in to an alternating bass theme and resolves with an R&B fashioned third part. Beyond The Pleasure Dome(also known as Matesa) comes next. This is played in the key of C and brings together several country blues styles to a lyrical instrumental. The Way She Walks is very much influenced by Stefan

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Folk, Triangle, Percussion
Bossa nova and funk! Both you and the band will dig this very hip and playable chart for the grade 2 level by our newest writer, Mike Kamuf. Mike starts off with an easy bossa groove featuring 2nd trumpet on the melody and written out solo. Next, Mike introduces a contrasting half time funk for the bridge section that really works great. Modest ranges, an optional solo for 1st tenor sax, auxiliary percussion with a neat triangle part and all the usual optional parts make for a neat package. Outstanding chart!

Instruments: Choir, Trumpet, Percussion, Triangle, Vocal, Brass
Choral Instrumental Pak, Sheet Music Download, Special. Arranger: Betty Bertaux. Composer: Michael Praetorius. Writer: Betty Bertaux; Michael Praetorius.

Pages: 1
Instruments: Choir, Triangle, Vocal, Percussion
Orchestra, Sheet Music Download, Level 1 to 1.5. Composer: Mike Hannickel. Writer: Mike Hannickel.

Pages: 7
Instruments: Triangle, Percussion
Set includes conductor score and parts for glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, triangle, tambourine and two bass drum/tom-toms.

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Triangle, Guitar

Instruments: Choir, A Cappella, Triangle, Vocal, Percussion
This delightful arrangement for young band features two popular American rounds, "Reuben and Rachel" and "Sweetly Sings the Donkey." Everyone in the band takes turns with these familiar melodies while the percussion section alternates accompanying with woodblock and triangle as well as snare and bass drum. This is a terrific way to get your beginners playing full band arrangements. American Rounds correlates to Book 1, Level 3 of Sound Innovations for Concert Band.

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Triangle, Guitar
Four brand new original band composers have been joined to create an excellent choice for your entire first concert. Accommodating your beginners' endurance, all of these four short works appear on a single two-page spread. You can play them all at one concert or one-at-a-time in different programs. This great new kit includes Paul Cook's "In the Calm of the Starry Sky," Jack Bullock's "The Bermuda Triangle," a trumpet feature by Lew Davison called "Our Tumultuous, Trustworthy, Terrific Trumpeters," and closes with Jerry Burns' "The Soul of Our School." The Belwin Very Beginning Band Kit #1 will be a great, value-packed addition to your library. (3:34)

Instruments: Trumpet, Triangle, Brass, Percussion

Instruments: Trumpet, Triangle, Brass, Percussion
Whether employed as a processional or performed during a regular concert, this versatile original is a winner! Also included is a Christmas text option, and the parts for flute, hand drum, tambourine, and triangle lend a colorful texture and flavor to this stately, festive, and most interesting piece.

Instruments: Flute, Triangle, Woodwinds, Percussion
This new voicing of a best seller features percussion parts for sticks, shaker, bongo or African drums, triangle and tambourine which lend an exciting, rhythmic flavor. The limited ranges, repeated sections, and creative choral arranging ensure built-in success for this programming contrast.

Instruments: Choir, Percussion, Drums, Triangle, Vocal
Orchestra, Sheet Music Download, Level 1 to 1.5. Composer: Mike Hannickel. Writer: Mike Hannickel.

Pages: 1
Instruments: Violin, Viola, Triangle, Strings, Percussion
John O'Reilly has arranged the classic Christmas hit for beginning bands in a very special way. Sleigh bells, triangle and tom tom establish the processional style that is further enhanced by low brass and woodwind open fifths. Upper woodwinds get the first pass at playing this famous melody but trumpets, horns and low brass also get to be featured as this delightful arrangement progresses

Instruments: Horn, Trumpet, Brass, Bells, Triangle, Percussion
An exciting work where all sections share the melody using primarily the D natural minor scale---perfect for a first festival experience! Optional piano and timpani parts provide harmonic support. The low tom and triangle parts, playable by selected students, give extra musical pull. This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Piano, Timpani, Triangle, Piano and Keyboard, Percussion
Sixty of the best songs of the rock era, all chosen from Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. The songs are from the 1970s to the '90s, arranged for piano/vocal/chords. Titles: Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 * Beat It * Billie Jean * Bitter Sweet Symphony * Bizarre Love Triangle * Black Dog * Blitzkrieg Bop * Bohemian Rhapsody * Born in the U.S.A. * Born to Run * Boys of Summer * Bridge Over Troubled Water * Comfortably Numb * Dancing Queen * Desperado * Fake Plastic Trees * Flashlight * Free Fallin' * Hallelujah * The Harder They Come * Heartbreaker * Help Me * Hot Fun in the Summertime * Hotel California * How Deep Is Your Love * How Soon is Now

Instruments: Vocal, Piano, Other, Triangle, Piano and Keyboard, Percussion
Accented rhythms, spine-tingling sonorities, and a riveting add-on section create drama in this sophisticated choral, appropriate for concert, festival, and adjudication. Highlight the vocal skills of your best ensemble. A thrilling, edge-of-your-seat experience! Parts include score, Harp(or Synth.),Chimes, Crotales, Cymbals, Tam-tam, Timpani, Percussion (Triangle, Tambourine, Mark Tree), Snare Drum.

Instruments: Choir, Vocal, Harp, Percussion, Timpani, Snare Drum, Cymbal, Triangle, Strings, Drums
Optional sleigh bells and triangle lend atmosphere to this simple setting of a favorite holiday tune.

Instruments: Handbell, Bells, Triangle, Percussion
In a festive madrigal style, homophonic settings of each verse provide a creative contrast for the partner-song format of the lively chorus. The only accompaniment instruments are bells and percussion (triangle, tambourine, high drum, and low drum) which add to the merriment and cheerful style. A terrific choice for small ensembles as well!

Instruments: Percussion, Bells, Triangle
A bright, cheerful concert opener, "A Holiday Invitation" is a seasonal gem for young and developing choirs. Victor C. Johnson has penned original music to accompany the "Deck the Hall" text with snippets of the familiar tune creatively appearing in the chorus. The addition of optional triangle and sleigh bells adds to the festive mood.

Instruments: Choir, Bells, Triangle, Vocal, Percussion