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Trumpet Concerto (Ed. Edward Maxwell) Sheet Music
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Trumpet Concerto (Ed. Edward Maxwell)
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Instruments: Trumpet   Genres: Romantic Period
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Trumpet parts in both B flat and E flat, simplified piano part and a free CD including piano backing tracks and orchestral performance extracts.

Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837) composed this concerto in 1803 for the keyed trumpet, which had been developed by Anton Weidinger (1767-1852). Weidinger gave its first performance on New Year's Day 1804. Originally composed in the key of E, it is more commonly played in Eb. The keyed trumpet was the first type of trumpet which could play chromatically, but the invention was not a huge success: it suffered from a poor quality of sound. In the early 19th century, the invention of the valve rendered the keyed trumpet obsolete.

This edition is intended to be more user-friendly than the others currently available: there is a much easier (and, dare I say, more stylistic) piano accompaniment - any doubling of the solo part has been removed, voicing simplified and my premise has been to imagine what it might have been before it was orchestrated, rather than trying to cram in every last piece of orchestral detail.

Suggested cuts in the piano part have been indicated, giving a short introduction to each movement, perfect for auditions, recitals or exams. However, the bar numbers still tally with the longer original versions, which are included should they be required. The dynamics and articulation which I have added incorporate the weight of opinion in current editions and recordings, offering more guidance than 'scholarly' editions, without being overprescriptive.

There is an appendix with suggested interpretation of trills and ornaments. Listening to as many different recordings as possible is the best way to assimilate good trills.

The accompanying CD provides piano accompaniments and observes the suggested cuts. See page 38 for full track listing. There is free software available online (eg. speedshifter on the ABRSM website) which enables you to change the speed of a CD should you wish to practise slower, or indeed faster.

The Hummel Concerto is often considered to be a sibling of the Haydn and Neruda Concertos, which are also available in this series published by Spartan Press. Samples of all three concertos are included on the CD with kind permission of Hyperion Records and Crispian Steele-Perkins. I hope you will be inspired to buy the complete recordings and listen to live performances.
  • Trumpet Concerto (Ed. Edward Maxwell) Sheet Music
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