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Quintet op. 49 en sol menor, 1894 Sheet Music
Quintet op. 49 en sol menor, 1894
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Instruments: Piano
  Genres: Spanish
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Quintet op. 49 en sol menor, 1894 by Enrique Granados (1867-1916) and Moises Bertran (1967-). For piano and string quartet. Instrumental Sets. Duration 20:00. Published by Editorial de Musica Boileau (BO.B.3368).
ISBN 84-8020-757-4.
English comments: This edition of the Quintet Op. 49 in G minor, 1894 is an attempt to bring this interesting work of chamber music to the public, in a version as close as possible to the manuscripts left by the author and which are currently available. Although one version of this work was published in 1973 UNION MUSICAL ESPANOLA (UME), the number of disagreements regarding the stem and structure between this version and the manuscripts as described above, revealed the need for a new edition of the score. Reconstructing the work has not been an easy task, because the manuscripts contain a large number of corrections and additions. Also there is no known section for piano for the whole of the III movement and the one given in the UME version does not appear to be the work of Granados. As a result, we commissioned the Catalan composer Moises Bertran to draft an original piano score for this movement, more in line with the type of score drafted by Granados for piano and with the stems for strings. Bertran himself undertook all revision work, correction and documentation.Comentarios del Espanol:La presente edicion del Quinteto op. 49 en sol menor, 1894, pretende poner a disposicion del publico esta interesante obra de camara en una version lo mas acorde posible con los manuscritos holografos del compositor de los que se dispone actualmente. A pesar de que existe una impresion de esta obra publicada en 1973 por Union Musical Espanola (UME), la profusion de desacuerdos desde el punto de vista tematico y estructural entre esa version y los citados manuscritos requerian una nueva edicion de la partitura. La reconstruccion no ha sido tarea facil, pues los manuscritos presentan numerosas correcciones y anadidos. Por otra parte, se desconoce la parte de piano del III movimiento en su totalidad y la que se halla en la version de UME no parece ser obra de Granados. Por ello se ha encargado al compositor catalan Moises Bertran la elaboracion de una parte de piano original para dicho movimiento, mas de acuerdo con la escritura pianistica de Granados y con los temas de la cuerda. De las tareas de revision, correccion y documentacion se ha encargado el mismo Bertran.
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