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Terra-cotta Warriors Sheet Music
Terra-cotta Warriors
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Instruments: Percussion
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Terra-cotta Warriors by James Campbell. Percussion Ensemble. For percussion trio (5 drums (4 graduated concert toms; bongos and congas; chinese toms/other world drums; etc.), wind wand, woodblocks, cowbells, china cymbals (20" for high and 22" for low), 10" splash cymbal, and 12" splash). Level 5. Score and set of parts. Composed 2007. Published by Innovative Percussion (IP.E-JC-TER).
"This 2006 percussion trio is dedicated to the Caixa Trio (Julie Davila, Julie Hill and Amy Smith). Programmatic in its musical structure and style, "Terra-cotta Warriors" depicts the discovery in 1974 of a 2,200 year-old archeological treasure in ancient China. Consequently, the instrumentation includes five graduated drums for each performer, a wind wand (aerophone), woodblocks and cowbells, suspended clay flower pots, China cymbals and other suspended cymbals. After a rhapsodic introductory passage, steady sixteenth notes in the total ensemble give way to a mixed-metered passage in 7/8, 5/8 and 6/8. Alternating between lyrical and rhythmic textural contrasts, this composition ends with a flurry of loud unison rhythms, which cause the ending to be very dramatic. This trio would be excellent for mature college percussionists. " - Jim Lambert Percussive Notes, February 2008.
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