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Folk Lullabies Of The World Sheet Music
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Folk Lullabies Of The World
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  Genres: Easy Listening
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Seventy-seven traditional folk lullabies from every corner of the globe including the British Isles, Europe, Canada, U.S., Asia, Africa, Latin American and Jewish Lullabies.
Song(s) in this release:
  • A La Nanita Nana
  • A La Rorro Nino
  • Aija Anzit Aija
  • All The Pretty Little Horses
  • Aludj Baba, Aludjal
  • Arroro Mi Nino
  • Ayle Lyule
  • Ba Ba Baby
  • Bi Bi Og Blaka
  • Bye Bye Baby
  • C'est La Poulette Grise
  • Can Ye Sew Cushions
  • Codail A Leanb
  • Congo Lullaby
  • Croon
  • Dace To Your Daddy
  • Dance A Baby Diddy
  • Do Do Kindje Van De Minne
  • Dod, L'enfant Dors
  • Dodo Dod Titite
  • Dormite Ninito
  • Dors Dors Le P'tit Bibi
  • Duerme Nino Pequenit O
  • Duermete Mi Nino
  • Duermete Nino Chiquito
  • Ela Ypne
  • Fais Dodo
  • Fais Dodo Lola Ma Belle
  • Fi La Nanae, Mi Bel Fiole
  • Hawa Dheray Aana
  • Hej Pada Pada Rosicka
  • Histhyor Vejen Slar Slar En Bugt
  • Ho Ho Bho Laidibheag
  • Ho Ho Watanay
  • Hoe Laat Is't?
  • Hush-a-bye Baby, On The Tree Top
  • I've Found My Bonny Babe A Nest
  • Kehto Laula
  • Kishmul Cradle Croon
  • Komoriuta
  • Lulla Lulla
  • Lullaby
  • Mana Gallaka Noukat
  • Mary Had A Baby
  • Mociute Mano
  • Naa Ska'en Liten Faa Sova Soa Sodt
  • Nam, Nam
  • Nanez Binameye Poyete
  • Nenna Nenna
  • Newcastle Lullaby
  • Ninni Baba
  • O Mother Glasco
  • Ro Ro
  • Ro Ro Relte
  • Rouxinol Do Pico Preto
  • Rzinkes Mit Mandlen
  • Scandinavia And Northwestern Europe:
  • Schlaf In Guter Ruh
  • Schlaf, Kindlein Schlaf
  • Sleep My Baby
  • Slumber Song
  • Sofdu Unga Astin Min
  • Still Now And Hear My Singing
  • Suo-gan
  • Tah Ne Bah
  • The Bamboo Flute
  • The Mocking Bird
  • The Wee Little Croodin Doo
  • Three Sinhalese Lullabies
  • Unsij, Unsij
  • Ushag Veg Ruy
  • Vyssa Lulla Litet Barn
  • Yeke Omo Mi
  • Zolst Azoy Lelebn Un Zayn Gezint
  • Folk Lullabies Of The World Sheet Music
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