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Daisy Bond/Ian Faraday: Bethlehem's Buzzin' Sheet Music
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Daisy Bond/Ian Faraday: Bethlehem's Buzzin'
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  Genres: Nativity
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Nativity musical for 4-7 years (KS1)
Running time 45 minutes approx.

This witty yet sensitive adaptation of the traditional nativity story is a delightful reminder of the true message of Christmas. Jacob, Rebecca and Samuel are three less-than-honest market stall holders, hoping to cash-in on the large number of visitors arriving in Bethlehem. Whilst giving it the ‘hard sell’ they encounter a tired couple on a donkey, a group of excitable shepherds and three mysterious visitors from the east, and are led to a lowly stable where they experience something that will change their lives forever!

Plot summary

Jacob, Rebecca and Samuel are stall-holders in Bethlehem’s busy, bustling market. However, always looking to make easy money, their way of doing business is a little less-than-honest! They shamelessly sell cheap and fake items, passing them off as genuine, quality goods!

One day, lots of visitors arrive in town (song – Bethlehem’s Buzzin’) and the three friends are eager to cash-in! Convinced they’ll be ‘rolling in it’ by the end of the day, (song – Business Is Booming) they give it the hard sell! After a day’s record-breaking takings, just when they think it’s time to pack up, a tired man and woman (Mary and Joseph) approach Jacob, Rebecca and Samuel, (song – A Long, Long Way) and ask if they know of a place to stay. Annoyed that the couple haven’t come to shop, the friends reply that they can lead them to a nearby inn, but will charge them to do so! As Mary is about to have a baby, they accept the offer and hand over what little money they have on arrival at the inn. However, it’s yet another dishonest trick. As the friends scarper with the money, Mary and Joseph discover there is no room at the inn, and the baby has to be born in a stable. (song – A Baby Is Born Tonight)

Back at their stall, about to pack up for the second time, Rebecca notices a bright light on the hillside. This is followed by the arrival of an excited group of shepherds, whom the three friends think have come to do some late-night shopping! However, to their disappointment, the shepherds tell them of a wondrous visit they’ve had by a host of angels, who’ve told them to come to Bethlehem (song – Hurry Down The Hillside) to find a baby born in a stable. Guessing which stable they mean, the friends offer to lead the shepherds to it…for a price! The shepherds decline the offer, choosing instead to follow the star that the angels said would show them the way.

About to pack up again, the stall-holders then notice three very distinguished-looking gentlemen, who look like they have a bit of money to spend! However, they are disappointed to hear that these visitors have also come looking for the baby (song – Follow A Star), and not to part with their cash! Neither will they be taking up Jacob, Rebecca and Samuel’s ‘kind’ offer to lead them to the stable for a small fee, and they leave!

Curious as to why all these people are so keen to visit this baby, the friends decide to go and see for themselves. On approaching the stable they are overwhelmed with a joyful feeling, and when they are invited to kneel by the manger something changes in their hearts forever! They recognise they have led dishonest lives, and promise to change for the sake of this baby boy. They stop cheating and swindling and instead set up a new business – giving guided tours of Bethlehem to visitors, taking in all the special places and recounting the wonderful story of that momentous night! (song – A Brighter Place) And how much will they charge to do this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Song(s) in this release:
  • A Baby Is Born Tonight
  • A Brighter Place
  • A Long, Long Way
  • Bethlehem's Buzzin'
  • Business Is Booming
  • Follow A Star
  • Hurry Down The Hillside
  • Daisy Bond/Ian Faraday: Bethlehem's Buzzin' Sheet Music
    Daisy Bond/Ian Faraday: Bethlehem's Buzzin' - Preview #1
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