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French Tangos for Accordion Book/CD Set Sheet Music
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French Tangos for Accordion Book/CD Set
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Instruments: Piano
  Genres: French
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French Tangos for Accordion Book/CD Set arranged by Gary Dahl. For Accordion (Keyboard). Solos. French. Advanced. Book/CD Set. 88 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.96927BCD).
ISBN 9780786608034. French. 8.75x11.75 inches.
Tango: A ballroom dance of Latin-American origin characterized by long pauses and stylized body positions. This musical form was subsequently adopted by other countries, primarily France, Spain and Italy. Many prominent composers have applied it to a wide variety of compositions. Using piano scores in both the Latin-American and Spanish rhythmic traditions, Gary Dahl has skillfully compiled and arranged French Tangos for Accordion. The music in this anthology was originally published from the late 1930's to 60's and is characterized by its romanticism, rich harmonies, and emotive melodies. These arrangements are orchestral in nature, befitting the accordion's various timbres and capabilities. In standard notation.
Song(s) in this release:
  • Aie, Aie, Tango (1:58) Performed by Rene Denoncin, C. Sauvage, By Pia Del Moro, Arr. B
  • As De Copas (Tango Romance) (2:39) Performed by M. Feijoo, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Baisse Un Peu L'abat-Jour (1:32) Performed by Marcel Depmas, By Henri Bourtayre, Arr. By: Gary D
  • Cara Al Cielo (1:15) Performed by Don Diego & Julio Falcom, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • El Choclo (1:58) Performed by A.G. Villoldo,French Score By: Andre Trichot-Marc
  • Insaisissable (2:18) Performed by Hubert Ithier, By R. Denoncin, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • J'ai Garde Ta Photo (1:07) Performed by Authors:Pierre Havet & Pierre Guitton,Composters:J
  • J'ai Pleure' Sur Tes Pas (1:49) Performed by Roland Tessier & Jacque-Simonot, Arr. By: Gary Dah
  • Joue Contre Joue (Tango Chante) (2:01) Performed by Jacques Plante & Louis Ferrari, Arr. By: Gary
  • La Madone D'amour (Tango Chante) (2:23) Performed by Jean Pys, Gene Sandy, Claude Bares,By Theo L
  • La Paloma (2:00) Performed by Luis Coroma D'apres & S. De Yradier, Arr. By: Gary
  • Le Tango Argentin (1:15) (Tango Danse) Performed by Fl Benech, By R. Desmoulins, Arr. By: Gary Da
  • Le Tango De La Melancolie (1:42) Performed by Jean Loup Dabadie, By Alain Goraguer, Arr. By: Gar
  • Le Tango Des Mariniers (1:54) Performed by P. Carrel, By E. Prud'homme, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Le Temps D'un Tango (1:22) Performed by Christian Jollet & Guy Bertret, Armand Canfora & E
  • Ma Rose D'alsace (1:58) Performed by Georges Coulonges, By R. Trabucco & M. Deoux,Arr.
  • Maia (2:21) Performed by Louis Poterat & Guy Luypaerts, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Passion Madrilene (Paso Doble) (1:39) Performed by Abel & Bruno Lorenzoni, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Pour Sur {Qu'est - C'que Tu Dis?} (Tango Chante) ( Performed by Jean Rafa, Bourvil, By Emile Prud
  • Sacre Tango (1:37) Performed by Maurice Capez, By Rene Denoncin, Arr. By: Gary Dah
  • Sensual (Tango) (1:39) Performed by Hubert Ithier, By G. Gomez, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Si Tu Reviens (1:19) Performed by Saint Giniez, By Tiarko Richepin, Arr. By: Gary Da
  • Simple Tango (2:49) Performed by A. Verchuren & T. Murena, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Soir De Pluie (1:57) Performed by Syam Et Viaud, By Alstone & S. Bessiere, Arr. By:
  • Ta Jalousie (1:09) Performed by B. Jouannest, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Tango - Maison (2:36) Performed by By Andre Verchuren & Georges Ghesten, Arr. By: Gar
  • Tango - Musette (2:47) Performed by R. Chabrier, Jo Moutet & Andre Verchuren, Arr. By:
  • Tango Du Souvenir (3:37) Performed by Rene Denoncin, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Tango Fleur Bleue (2:44) Performed by Henri Contet, Armandino & Llanos Malendo, Arr. By:
  • Tango Gitano (2:42) Performed by Fernand Bonifay, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Tango Pour Madame (1:45) Performed by T. Murena & A. Verchuren, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Tangorama (1:21) Performed by R. Mendizabal, Arr. By: Gary Dahl
  • Telephonez-Moi Cherie (3:55) Performed by Maria Veldi, By J. Ledru & R. Denoncin, Arr. By: G
  • Un Tango D'autrefois (1:53) Performed by Henri Jacques Dupuy, By Jo Privat & R. Duchesne, A
  • Une Simple Carte Postale (1:17) Performed by Guy Bertret & Roger Desbois, By R. Denoncin, Arr.
  • French Tangos for Accordion Book/CD Set Sheet Music
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