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Andrew Eales: Keyquest 1 Sheet Music
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Andrew Eales: Keyquest 1
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Instruments: Electronic Keyboard  
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Keyquest is a unique series of four electronic keyboard tutor books which provide progressive material from beginner right through to advanced level.Developed around some of the catchiest tunes and most exciting music you'll hear on the portable electronic keyboard, the Keyquest books:Systematically introduce all the features of the modern digital keyboardDevelop music-reading skills logically, avoiding the errors commonly found in keyboard tutors, starting with treble clef and simple chord notation and ultimately including both bass clef and advanced chordsInclude a mixture of well-known tunes and original education piecesIncorporate ensemble pieces throughout all four booksEncourage creativity, including developing arrangements of pieces, using keyboard registration effectively and musically, improvising within pieces and composingFoster good playing technique, including introducing major, minor and pentatonic scales and arpeggios in every key by book 4Introduce chords in a structured manner, starting with single-finger, moving to full triads, and then incorporating a comprehensive range of extensions and altered chords to give an advanced understandingProvide theory exercises in each book which serve to consolidate musical understanding
  • Andrew Eales: Keyquest 1 Sheet Music
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