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The Peggy Seeger Songbook: Forty Years Of Songmaking Sheet Music
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The Peggy Seeger Songbook: Forty Years Of Songmaking
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  Genres: Folk
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A unique collection of songs by Peggy Seeger, collected from 40 years. Focusing on everyday issues, many of her songs have a political slant. Includes 'Thoughts of Time', 'We Are the Young Ones', 'Maggie Went Green' and more.
Song(s) in this release:
  • A Good War
  • A Lovely Little Island
  • A Matter Of Degree
  • A Wonderful World
  • Abbey Wood Roads
  • Affair Of State
  • Autumn Wedding
  • B-side
  • Belfast Mother
  • Big Man
  • Bill
  • Billy And George And Me
  • Body Language
  • Bread And Wine
  • Buffalo Holler
  • Bush Has Gone To Rio
  • Call On Your Name
  • Cambrian Colliery Disaster
  • Can't Pay, Won't Pay
  • Carry Greenham Home
  • Che Guevara
  • Come Fill Up Your Glasses
  • Cotecatcher In The Rye
  • Crooked Cross
  • Da Dee Da Da
  • Darling Annie
  • Different Therefore Equal
  • Different Tunes
  • Dustmen's Strike 1969
  • Emily
  • Enough Is Enough
  • Everyone Knows
  • Fifteen Ways To Beat The Poll Tax
  • Fitzroy Coleman
  • Follow Harold Around The Bend
  • For A Job
  • Forty-five, Eighty-five
  • Four Minute Warning
  • Garden Of Flowers
  • Getting It Right
  • Give 'Em An Inch
  • Goodbye Maggie
  • Guilty
  • Harold The Bootblack
  • Harry's Eats
  • Hello Friend
  • Heseltine
  • Heseltiny Moon
  • Hey Ho, Cook And Rowe!
  • Housewife's Alphabet
  • I Support The Boycott
  • I'll Never Go Back To London Again
  • I'm Gonna Be An Engineer
  • If You Want A Better Life
  • If You Want The Bomb
  • Isn't It Time To Go, John?
  • It's A Free World
  • It's A Natural Thing
  • It's All Happening Now
  • Items Of News
  • Jimmy Gray
  • Joe And Mika's Wedding
  • Just Because
  • Just The Tax For Me
  • L.B.J., What Do You Say?
  • Lady, What Do You Do All Day?
  • Left-wing Wife
  • Lifeboat Mona
  • Little Girl Child
  • Londonderry Down
  • Lost
  • Love Unbidden
  • Love Will Linger On
  • Lullabye For A Very New Baby
  • Maggie Went Green
  • Manner Of The World Nowadays
  • March With Us Today
  • Missing
  • Morning Comes Too Soon
  • My Friend Pat
  • My Love And I Are One
  • My Old Man's A Dustman
  • My Son
  • N Is For Nobody
  • New Spring Morning
  • Night Song
  • Nightshift
  • Nine-month Blues
  • No More
  • Old Friend
  • On This Very Day
  • Once Again
  • One Step, Two Step
  • Out Of My Pocket
  • Pay-up Song
  • Please, Mr Reagan
  • Plutonium Factor
  • Poem
  • Polonium 2-1-0
  • Primrose Hill
  • Prisons
  • R.S.I.
  • Reclaim The Night
  • Sellafield Child
  • Sentimental Journey
  • So Long Since I Been Home
  • Song For Calum
  • Song For Charles Parker
  • Song Of Choice
  • Song Of Myself
  • Swing Me High, Swing Me Low
  • Talking Matrimony Blues
  • That's How The World Goes On
  • The Baby Song
  • The Ballad Of Jimmy Wilson
  • The Ballad Of Springhill
  • The Children
  • The Dead Men
  • The Invader
  • The Judge's Chair
  • The Mother
  • The Party
  • The Presidential Bodyguard
  • The Villain's Chorus
  • There's Better Things To Do
  • They Sent A Boy To Downing Street
  • Thoughts Of Time
  • Tomorrow
  • Turn Up The Music
  • Turncoat
  • Twenty Years
  • Uncle Sam
  • Union Woman Ii
  • Use It Again
  • Vital Statistics
  • Vote For Leni Sitnick!
  • Wasteland Lullabye
  • Watergate
  • We Are The Young Ones
  • We Remember
  • What A Life!
  • When I Was Young
  • When Lovers Hide The Keys
  • Where Have All The Felons Gone?
  • Winnie And Sam
  • Woman On Wheels
  • Women's Union
  • Yankee Doodle 1993
  • You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  • You Men Out There
  • The Peggy Seeger Songbook: Forty Years Of Songmaking Sheet Music
    The Peggy Seeger Songbook: Forty Years Of Songmaking - Preview #1
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