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Swedish Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos Sheet Music
Swedish Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos
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Instruments: Cello   Genres: Folk
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Swedish Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos arranged by Deborah Greenblatt. Cello Duet. For 2 cellos. Tunes for Two. Swedish Folk. Tune book. Standard Notation. 58 pages. Published by Greenblatt & Seay (GS.BCO2SWFTFTC).
With Standard Notation. Swedish Folk. 8.5 x 11 inches.
49 traditional Swedish tunes arranged for two players, with chords for back-up musicians included.Each of the "Fiddle Tunes for Two" collections consists of individual spiral-bound books presented in score form with melody on the top line and harmony beneath. Individual books are available for Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, and Mandolins. The tunes in each book of each series are in the same keys and include guitar chords. For instance, a violinist and a cellist could play a wedding together if they each had the appropriate "Wedding Fiddling for Two" book. These books work particularly well for private lessons where teacher and student can take turns playing lead and harmony parts.
Song(s) in this release:
  • "Becaringsmarsch, from Harjedalen"
  • "Begavningsmarsch, from Funasdalen"
  • "Ganglat, from Dalarna"
  • "Ganglat, from Holmsveden"
  • "Kyrklat, from Vastmanland"
  • "Polka, from Ratan"
  • "Polkett, from Jamtland"
  • "Polska in A, from Medelpad"
  • "Polska in A, from Ratan"
  • "Polska, from Stensele"
  • "Schottis, from Lulea"
  • "Vals, from Nasteln"
  • Akermans Polska
  • Alsinger Sekstur
  • Appelbo Ganglat
  • Becaringsmarsch, from Harjedalen
  • Begavningsmarsch, from Funasdalen
  • Boda Valsen
  • Bodapolska
  • Brollopsvals
  • Elverumspols
  • Emma
  • Eng
  • Filibom Valsen
  • Ganglat, from Dalarna
  • Ganglat, from Holmsveden
  • Grasshoppornas
  • Halling
  • Hammarlunds Polska
  • Hurtemor
  • In a Green Meadow
  • Ingrid Dardels
  • Jamtlands Brudmarsch
  • Kallnaschotis
  • Kyrklat, from Vastmanland
  • Laugrens Polska
  • Lillbackvalsen
  • Long Dance
  • Myr Vilhelms Hambo
  • Norrala Polska
  • Orrpolskan
  • Pardis March
  • Pling-Plong Hambo
  • Plinka Plonka Mazurka
  • Polka, from Ratan
  • Polkett, from Jamtland
  • Polska in A
  • Polska in A, from Medelpad
  • Polska in A, from Ratan
  • Polska in Dm
  • Polska, from Stensele
  • Prastmarschen
  • Schottis, from Lulea
  • Sjijnmyra Valsen
  • Skaneland
  • Spel-Borgens Polska
  • Supen
  • Swedish Wedding March
  • Vals, from Nasteln
  • Vinden Blaser
  • Wedding Tune
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