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One World, Many Voices, Vol. 3 Sheet Music
One World, Many Voices, Vol. 3
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Instruments: Voice  
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One World, Many Voices, Vol. 3 by Various. CD. Published by Earthsongs (ES.CD-05).
22 pieces from Georgia, Slovenia, Brazil, Venezuela, Taiwan, the Philippines, Ecuador, Aruba, Canada, and the United States.
Song(s) in this release:
  • Apamuy Shungo Performed by Gerardo Guevera
  • Balia Di Sehu Performed by Eduard Toppenberg
  • Bin-Nam-Ma Performed by Alberto Grau
  • Dachrilis Simghera Performed by Traditional Georgian Folk Song
  • Dance Ablaze! Performed by Janika Vandervelde
  • I Am Flying Performed by Nan-Chang Chien
  • Jabberwocky Performed by Lewis Carroll / Ron Jeffers
  • John The Revelator Performed by Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory
  • Jubiaba Performed by C.A. Pinto Fonseca
  • Khorumi Performed by Traditional Georgian Dance Song
  • Kresnice Performed by Anonymous
  • Kyrie Performed by Glenn Mcclure
  • Louez Le Seigneur Performed by Ralph Johnson
  • Naduri Performed by Traditional Georgian Work Song
  • Pokpok Alimpako Performed by Francisco Feliciano
  • Praise His Holy Name Performed by Keith Hampton
  • Star Of County Down Performed by Donald Patriquin
  • Suite Nordestina - Denda Trapia Performed by Boniface Mganga
  • Suite Nordestina - Morena Bonita Performed by Boniface Mganga
  • Uri Tsafon Performed by John Rommereim
  • Waynapaq Taki Performed by Eduardo Alonso-Crespo
  • Who Will Remember? Performed by David York
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