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The Australian Worship Collection Sheet Music
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The Australian Worship Collection
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  Genres: Religious
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The first collection of writing from Hillsong Church, is now established as a much-used resource for worship leaders and musicians. In Book Two there are songs from all the tried and tested favourites like Geoff Bullock, Darlene Zschech, Russell Fragar and Reuben Morgan, but now we've also added even more exciting new talent. Watch out for names like Andrew Ironside, Marty Sampson, Mick Dalton and Chris Falson.
Song(s) in this release:
  • Almighty God, my redeemer [Zschech]
  • As for me [Fragar/Zschech]
  • Because of your love [Fragar]
  • Before the world began [Fragar]
  • Blessed be [Bullock]
  • Blessing, honour [Bullock/Reidy]
  • Can't stop talking [Fragar]
  • Come on everyone [Fragar]
  • Day by day [Bullock]
  • Ev'ry nation, pow'r and tongue [Fragar]
  • Every new day [Fragar]
  • Father of life [Zschech]
  • Forgetting what lies behind [Fragar]
  • Glory Bullock God is moving by his Spirit [Bullock]
  • He can make a way [Fragar]
  • He is able to wound [Webster]
  • He's the Author of salvation [Bullock]
  • Hear these praises [Fragar]
  • Here I am [Bullock]
  • Holy One of God [Bullock]
  • Holy Spirit come [Bullock]
  • Holy Spirit rise [Bullock]
  • I am not ashamed [Bullock]
  • I am pressing forward [Bullock]
  • I am walking on the way ahead [Bullock]
  • I believe the promise [Fragar]
  • I bow my knee [Eastwood]
  • I draw near to you [Zschech/Morgan]
  • I have heard of your fame [Morgan]
  • I hear the sound of a holy war [Zschech]
  • I just want to praise the Lord [Bullock]
  • I know it [Zschech]
  • I need you [Fragar]
  • I trust in you [Zschech]
  • I want to be your hands [Fragar]
  • I will behold [Bullock]
  • I will come to you [Morgan]
  • I will lift my voice [Bullock]
  • I will never be the same again [Bullock]
  • I will rest in Christ [Bullock]
  • I will worship you [Bullock]
  • I'll take this time [Bullock]
  • I'll worship you [Bullock]
  • I'm changed, I'm not the same [Fragar]
  • I'm reaching out [Bullock]
  • I'm so secure [Morgan]
  • I'm your child [Bullock]
  • I've been forgiven [Bullock]
  • I've come to worship [Fragar]
  • I've found a friend [Fragar]
  • In my life [Bullock]
  • In the name of the Lord [Bullock]
  • In the silence [Iannuzzelli]
  • Into the shelter house I go [McPherson]
  • Jesus, fill me [Bullock]
  • Jesus, God's righteousness revealed [Bullock]
  • Jesus, Jesus [Bullock]
  • Jesus, Lover Of My Soul [McPherson] [Ezzy] [Grul]
  • Jesus, what a beautiful name [Riches]
  • Jesus, You're All I Need [Zschech]
  • Jesus, your loving kindness [Morgan]
  • Jump to the jam [Iannuzzelli]
  • Just let me say [Bullock]
  • King of kings [Bullock]
  • Lift high his name [Bullock]
  • Longin' for your touch [Iannuzzelli/Uluirewa]
  • Lord Of Creation
  • Lord of the heavens [Fisher]
  • Lord, I come to you [Bullock]
  • Lord, I give my life to you [Bullock]
  • Lord, I give myself [Zschech]
  • Lord, I lift my voice in praise [Gower]
  • Lord, I long to see you glorifed [McPherson]
  • Lord, I want to know you more [Bullock]
  • Lord, I'm holding on to you [Bullock]
  • Lord, my heart cries out [Zschech]
  • Lord, we come [Bullock]
  • Lord, we proclaim you now [Willersdorf]
  • My God can never fail [Fragar]
  • My heart sings praises [Fragar]
  • My Jesus, My Saviour [Zschech, Darlene]
  • My spirit rests [Morgan]
  • Oh Holy Spirit [Bullock]
  • Oh Lord, you have searched my heart [Bullock]
  • Oh Lord, you lead me [Bullock]
  • Oh, the mercy of God [Bullock]
  • One hope [Zschech/Fragar]
  • Our Father [Eastwood]
  • Refresh my heart [Bullock]
  • Rock of the ages [Bullock/Zschech]
  • Salvation [Bullock]
  • Show me your ways [Fragar]
  • Standing in your presence [Zschech]
  • The earth resounds [Bullock]
  • The enemy's defeated [Bullock/Fisher]
  • The heavens shall declare [Bullock]
  • The Holy Spirit is here [Fragar]
  • The life of God [Bullock]
  • The love of God [Bullock]
  • The time has come [Bullock]
  • The Word of God is planted [Fragar]
  • There's a light that shines [Bullock]
  • There's a river [Iannuzzelli]
  • This grace is mine [Bullock]
  • This is my desire [Morgan]
  • This is our nation [Bullock]
  • This is the hour [Bullock]
  • This love, this hope [Bullock]
  • Walking in the light [Zschech]
  • We behold the Lamb of God [Bullock]
  • We come into your presence [Eastwood]
  • We need reviving [Bullock]
  • We will rise [Bullock]
  • We will seek your face [Morgan]
  • We're a generation [McPherson]
  • We're gonna praise his holy name [Zschech]
  • We're not looking back [Bullock]
  • Well, I was in need [Fragar]
  • Whatever I have gained [Bullock]
  • Whenever I see [Bullock]
  • With a little love [Bullock]
  • You are holy [Morgan]
  • You are my God [Bullock/Dunshea]
  • You are my rock [Bullock]
  • You are my song [Bullock]
  • You are the One [Bullock]
  • You give me shelter [Bullock]
  • You lift me up [Bullock]
  • You love me as you found me [Fragar]
  • You make your face [Zschech/Fragar]
  • You placed your love [Bullock]
  • You pulled me up [Fragar]
  • You rescued me [Bullock]
  • You're all I need [Bullock]
  • You're softening my heart [Bullock]
  • You're the joy I know [Morgan]
  • Your eye is on the sparrow [Zschech]
  • Your grace and your mercy [Bullock]
  • Your love [Bullock]
  • Your people sing praises [Fragar]
  • The Australian Worship Collection Sheet Music
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