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Keri Degg: Takes All Sorts! (Clarinet/Piano) Sheet Music
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Keri Degg: Takes All Sorts! (Clarinet/Piano)
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Instruments: Clarinet  
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A collection of pieces inspired by the composers students for grades 3 to 6.'Takes all sorts!' was an inspired project by the composer to capture the unique and diverse personalities of some of her students.Graded at around grade 3- 6 standard, the collection is great to dip into as there is in essence a piece for every mood; from Celtic reflectiveness to road rage, Honkytonk to Jazz Waltz... As the pieces are largely pattern based, they make good learning material and many can be played with fairly minimal practice. There is also opportunity for improvisation (however a solo is provided for the wary!) and one or two fun effects along the way!The Clarinet & Piano collection consists of;Truffle takes a stroll - A quirky little piece in trotting 4,4 format. Truffle is a gorgeous chocolate labrador belonging to adult student Pauline. Have fun listening to the interaction between piano and clarinet, complete with tail wags! (trill/flutter).Loretta learns the blues - Saxophone student Loretta was always keen to play this style. The piece begins with a funky piano riff before the clarinet kicks in and struts its stuff!Jonathan gets his groove on! - Is a fast and funky 4,4 piece inspired by Jonathan, a lovely teenager full of life and random antics! Both pianist and clarinettist must stay on the ball as there are unexpected rhythms at times! This piece features a 16 bar blues (complete with finger clicks from the pianist) where notes are given to improvise with (or alternatively play the written out solo).Midnight Waltz - is a ballad like gentle jazz waltz inspired by Sheila & Brian, and their dancing days. With inflections of Astor Piazzolla (Argentinian tango composer), the clarinet and piano interact beautifully in portrayal of the two dancers, before the dancers part and leave the floor in opposite directions...Lament - Written for Sadie who shares the composers love of all things celtic, this simple yet haunting little lament has been very well received by all that have heard it. This piece sounds breath taking in a large church etc...Sandra's mini - Dedicated to the petite but feisty Sandra, Sandra's mini tells the short tale of a brief car journey, frantic with road rage! Great fun if you've had a bad day as the 'honks' can be as loud and unrefined as you dare!Honkytonk-arama - Just that! Written with Naomi in mind (teenage Clarinet student with an infectious giggle!)
  • Keri Degg: Takes All Sorts! (Clarinet/Piano) Sheet Music
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