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Songs Of The Great American West Sheet Music
Songs Of The Great American West
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Ninety-two songs — ballads, lullabies, battle cries, love songs, satirical songs, children’s singing games and more — celebrate the ups and downs of homesteaders, lumberjacks, cowboys, gold miners, railroad workers, outlaws, and other early adventurers. Complete lyrics, vocal score, simple piano arrangements, chord symbols. Historical notes and 127 period illustrations.

Reprint of the Macmillan Company, New York, 1967 edition.
Song(s) in this release:
  • A La Ru
  • Billy The Kid
  • Brigham Young
  • Buena Vista
  • Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
  • California As It Is
  • California Stage Company
  • Clarin De Campana
  • Come Come Ye Saints
  • Coming Around The Horn
  • Corrido De Heraclio Bernal
  • Corrido De Joaquin Murieta
  • Corrido De Kansas
  • Cowboy's Gettin' Up Holler
  • Cowboy's Life Is A Dreary Dreary Life
  • Crossing The Plains
  • Custer's Last Charge
  • Dakota Land
  • Doney Gal
  • Echo Canyon
  • El Tecolote
  • El Toro Moro
  • Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks
  • Git Along Little Dogies
  • Good Bye Old Paint
  • Green Grow The Lilacs
  • Hangtowm Gals
  • Ho For California
  • Humbug Steamship Companies
  • I Often Think Of Writing Home
  • I Ride An Old Paint
  • I'm Off To Boise City
  • Jesse James
  • Joe Bowers
  • Kansas Boys
  • Life In California
  • Little Joe The Wrangler
  • Mustang Gray
  • Poker Jim
  • Remember The Alomo
  • Roll On Columbia
  • Root Hog Or Die
  • Roy Bean
  • Sacramento
  • Sam Bass
  • Santy Anno
  • Sea Gulls And Crickets
  • Seeing The Elephant
  • Sioux Indians
  • Song Of Happiness
  • Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
  • Sweet Betsy From Pike
  • The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  • The Buffalo Skinners
  • The Commonwealth Of Toil
  • The Days Of Forty Nine
  • The Dreary Black Hills
  • The Farmer Is The Man
  • The Frozen Logger
  • The Gal I Left Behind Me
  • The Good Old Days Of '50, '1 And '2
  • The Handcart Song
  • The Hayseed
  • The Homestead Of The Free
  • The Independent Man
  • The Kansas Fool
  • The Lane County Bachelor
  • The Little Old Sod Shanty On My Claim
  • The Lousy Miner
  • The Ludlow Massacre
  • The Maidof Monterey
  • The Mountain Meadows Massacre
  • The Old Crisholm Trail
  • The Old Settler's Song
  • The Pacific Railroad
  • The People's Jubilee
  • The Preacher And The Slave
  • The Race To California
  • The Streets Of Laredo
  • The Trail To Mexico
  • The Wyoming Nester
  • The Zebra Dun
  • Too Ree Ama
  • Twelve Hundred More
  • Tying Ten Knots In The Devil' S Tail
  • Uncle Sam'e Farm
  • Utah Carroll
  • We Are All A Panning
  • We'll Give 'Em Jessie
  • Western Home
  • When I Went Off To Prospect
  • When The Ice Worms Nest Again
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