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Barcarole For Flutes Sheet Music
Barcarole For Flutes
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Instruments: Flute
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A delicate and delightful feature for three solo flutes or the entire flute section! Barcarole for Flutes is a flute feature for three solo flutes. (If desired, the solo can be played by six flutes.) Both the first and the last section are in unison for the solo flutes while the middle section is divisi. The piece should be performed with the band accompaniment clearly in the background. If needed, the conductor should reduce the number of players to achieve proper balance. The piece begins with a smoothly flowing melody in the oboe and fist clarinet, accompanied by a countermelody in the alto saxophones, then flows into a lyrical melody for the solo flutes. The low woodwinds and low brass punctuate the sensitive and delicate melody with a rhythmical accompaniment. The ensemble builds in a sweeping sound toward the end of the first section. The middle section contains rhythmical variety within the flute solo as well as in an agitated accompaniment before returning to the original melody. After the return of the original melody, the brass and low woodwind accompaniment builds to a point before falling back to finish with the gentle hush of the flute solo.  .
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  • Barcarole For Flutes
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