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A Santa Cecilia Sheet Music
A Santa Cecilia
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A Santa Cecilia is an Italian march originally published by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company in 1951. The piece was written for St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music. This new version retains the characteristic harmonies and style of the original march. Percussion parts are edited with considerations given to modern march rudimental drumming. Rescoring of the entire march adds new interest while keeping parts in a comfortable range. The march features a lyrical opening phrase which should be played with a legato tongue. At the trio beginning in measure 58, the sound of clarinets in thier chalumeau register should blend in with horns and euphoniums for a warm, balanced sound. Flutes are optional on the piccolo solo/soli starting in the pick-up to measure 58 second time through. Ideally, this section should feature one or more piccolos with the flute section entering both times as measure 74. Percussions should be light and soft at measure 74 first time through. In this section, you may wish to eliminate the field drum and simply use a concert snare drum. The entire band should play the final section beginiing at measure 74 second time through as indicated-bodly and accented. Eight notes should be played heavier and slightly longer in this final statement with a slight broadening of the tempo for a characteristic ending.
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  • A Santa Cecilia
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