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Bass Bible Book/2-CD Set Sheet Music
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Bass Bible Book/2-CD Set
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Bass Bible Book/2-CD Set. (Second Edition). By Paul Westwood. For Electric Bass. Rhythm/Backup. AMA Verlag. All Styles. Beginning-Intermediate. Book/CD Set. 288 pages. Published by AMA Verlag (MB.610164E).
ISBN 9783927190672. All Styles. 8.25x11.75 inches.
The English bassist Paul Westwood is one of the most in demand bass players of our time. His Bass Bible is the ultimate method book for every bass player. It contains a fascinating journey through the world of techniques, styles, grooves, and their evolution, using more than 1000 musical examples in all! This book is designed like a dictionary of musical phrases, which can be opened at the point that interests you. Learning a whole series of musical phrases, riffs, rhythms and patterns provides the basic language for performing within a group. Each section of the book captures the essence of a particular style, providing a springboard from which to start improvising. In notation and tablature for 4-string bass.
Song(s) in this release:
  • 12/8 Blues and R & B (Shuffle Feel)
  • 12/8 Shuffle Basic Grooves
  • 16th Note Basic Grooves
  • 16th Note feel
  • 4/4 Blues and R & B
  • 49 Steps to Basic Theory
  • 8th Note Basic Grooves
  • African Music
  • African Riffs
  • Arpeggio Chord Progressions with Harmonics
  • Arpeggios (Major)
  • Arpeggios (Minor)
  • Ballad
  • Basic Grooves
  • Bass Fills
  • Blues and R&B
  • Boogie Lines
  • Brazilian Samba
  • Cameroon
  • Chord Sequences and Improvisation
  • Chordal Harmonics
  • CHUCK RAINEY and Atlantic Records
  • Colombia
  • Cuban Mambo
  • Cuban Rock
  • Damping
  • Diatonic Modes
  • Double Time Latin Riffs
  • Even feel
  • Even feel, no downbeat
  • Finger style
  • Fretless Bass Solos
  • Guinea
  • Harmonics
  • Introduction
  • Jaco Pastorius -- Fretless Bass
  • Jamaican Reggae
  • JAMES BROWN and Funk
  • JAMES JAMERSON and Motown
  • Jazz
  • Jazz & Progressive Lines
  • Larry Graham & Mark King -- Slap Bass
  • Larry Graham -- Slap (Boogie)
  • Latin
  • Latin Music
  • Latin Riffs
  • Latin Styles
  • Major Scales
  • Mali
  • Mark King -- Slap (Popping)
  • Mexican Mariachi
  • Minor Scales
  • Modern Riffs
  • Modern Riffs -- Jazz & Progressive Lines
  • Nail Playing
  • Natural Harmonics
  • North Africa & the Middle East
  • Patting
  • Pedals and Effects
  • Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia
  • Plectrums & Picks
  • Pop
  • Republic Congo (Zaire)
  • Riffs
  • Right Hand Tapping
  • Rock
  • Salsa
  • Scale Exercises
  • Scales, Arpeggios and Scale Exercises
  • Shuffle feel
  • Shuffle feel, no downbeat
  • Slap (Beginners)
  • Slap Bass
  • Soft/Hard Playing
  • Somalia
  • Soul
  • South Africa & Soweto
  • Spanish Flamenco
  • Spanish Style
  • Straight 8th Note feel
  • Swing 4 Basic Changes
  • Swing 4 with Chord Extensions
  • Swing 4 with Passing Notes
  • Syncopated 8th Note feel
  • Synthesizer Bass
  • Techniques
  • The Squeeze
  • Tone
  • Triplet Fills
  • Walking 4 and Damping
  • Walking Bass Lines
  • Zimbabwe
  • Bass Bible Book/2-CD Set Sheet Music
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