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Mikado - Vocal Score Sheet Music
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Mikado - Vocal Score
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Instruments: Vocal
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Gilbert & Sullivan's second most successful comic opera of its day, and now the most performed Savoy opera by amateur societies. Titles: If You Want To Know Who We Are; A Wand'ring Minstrel I; Our Great Mikado, Virtuous Man; Young Man, Despair; Behold The Lord High Executioner; As Some Day It May Happen; Comes A Train Of Little Ladies; Three Little Maids From School Are We; So Please You, Sir, We Much Regret; Were You Not To Ko-Ko Plighted; I Am So Proud; With Aspect Stern And Gloomy Stride; The Threatened Cloud Has Passed Away; Your Revels Cease!; Oh Fool, That Fleest My Hallowed Joys!; For He's Going To Marry Yum-Yum; The Hour Of Gladness; O Ni! Bikkuri Shakkuri To!; Ye Torrents Roar!; Braid The Raven Hair; The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze; Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day; Here's A How-De-Do; Mi-Ya Sa-Ma; From Every Kind Of Man Obedience I Expect; A More Humane Mikado; The Criminal Cried As He Dropped Him Down; See How The Fates Their Gifts Allot; The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring; Alone, And Yet Alive; Willow, Tit-Willow; There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast; For He's Gone And Married Yum-Yum; The Threatened Cloud Has Passed Away.
  • Mikado - Vocal Score Sheet Music
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