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This extraordinarily beautiful song will create a shimmering moment in performance. Ideal for graduation and many other concert occasions, your singers will shine! Available separately: SATB, SSA, ShowTrax CD. Rhythm Section parts available digitally (pno, b, dm). Duration: ca. 4:30.Return Policy Exception: This product can not be returned if opened but it can be exchanged if defective, for the exact same title.

Instruments: Choir, Other, Vocal
Choral Instrumental Pak, Sheet Music Package Download, Rhythm. This extraordinarily beautiful song will create a shimmering moment in performance. Ideal for graduation and many other concert occasions, your singers will shine! Duration: ca. 4:30. Arranger: Rollo Dilworth. Composer: Frank Wildhorn; Leslie Bricusse. Writer: Frank Wildhorn; Leslie Bricusse; Rollo Dilworth.

Instruments: Choir, Horn, Other, Vocal, Brass
Three of the most memorable operatic vocal arias are presented here for young strings. The arias are set in comfortable keys and remain in first position. Your audiences will appreciate hearing these familiar tunes from the world of Italian Grand Opera, which are performable as separate movements or as a small suite. Features "La Donna Mobile" from Rigoletto, "Quando me'n vo (Musetta's Waltz)" from La Boheme, and "Libiamo ne'lieti calici" from La Traviata.Students will be additionally challenged as they work to follow the conductor's rubato interpretations that characterize the style of Musetta's Waltz, and strive to create a wide range of dynamics that are required for the dance-like rollicking flow of the other two waltzes.

Instruments: Vocal, Other
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Instruments: Other
Sit down at the piano and play whatever comes into your head, making up your own music as you go along. That's free improvisation. Marilyn Crispell digs into her long experience with the music of Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, Gary Peacock and other jazz improvisers, breaking down the finer points of creating music on the spot. 80-MIN. DVD OR VHS

Instruments: Piano, Other, Piano and Keyboard
A Prairie Portrait was inspired by the poetry of Carl Sandburg. The lyrical quality of the music is a testament to the loving words he wrote as a tribute to his birthplace. The pioneer spirit shines through the opening of the work, full of youthful optimism and energy. The lyrical section that follows represents the poet's "hankering" for another day and beautiful night on the prairie, giving us the warm feelings of love and security we all feel about the place we call home. This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Other
Say a prayer for each other, a prayer for our souls ... For the tears of the innocents and children everywhere, say a prayer, a prayer for life. From the recently produced stage version of The Ten Commandments. A call to peace and unity for all the world.Available separately: SATB, SAB and SSA. ShowTrax CD also available. Performance Time: Approx. 3:15Return Policy Exception: This product can not be returned if opened but it can be exchanged if defective, for the exact same title.

Instruments: Choir, Other, Vocal
Drawing their inspiration from the Hippocratic Oath, Nick Page and Nita Penfold have crafted a moving reminder of our ability to help and support one another in our daily living.Available separately: SATB and Optional Bass. Performance Time: Approx. 4:50.Return Policy Exception: This product can not be returned if opened but it can be exchanged if defective, for the exact same title.

Instruments: Choir, Bass Guitar, Other, Vocal, Guitar
Bono called Jeff Buckley a pure drop in an ocean of noise. In this startling new biography, Buckley's friends, peers, enemies, collaborators, lovers, and others speak of the Jeff they knew - or, in some cases, thought they knew. His struggles with writer's block are explored, as are his battles with the concept of stardom, his desire for escape, and his attempts to deal with the unavoidable legacy of his equally gifted father, Tim Buckley.

Instruments: Other
Considered the greatest French composer since Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel played a decisive role in the history of modern French music that is still examined by students exploring the roots of twentieth-century musical style. An internationally recognized authority on the life and works of Ravel, editor Arbie Orenstein captures the essence of this enigmatic man through the musician's own words, both written and spoken, in an outstanding compilation of articles by Ravel (who was a brilliant critic), reviews, interviews, and some 350 letters--most of which are published here for the first time in English--from Cocteau, Colette, de Falla, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, and other major figures of the time. A Ravel Reader joins Orenstein's classic Ravel: Man and Musician (now in its third Dover printing), hailed by critics as "a prodigious work of scholarship." Unabridged republication of the work originally published by Columbia University Press, New York, in 1990. 9 appendices. Bibliography. Index. 16 plates. [6 1/8 x 9 1/4, 704 pp.]

Instruments: Other
Another great chart for very young bands from the pen of Ken Harris. This super chart is playable with limited instrumentations and is perfect material for very young jazz ensembles in either concert or contest situations. A very flexible arrangement, eas.

Instruments: Other
The Beatles, Beach Boys, Everly Brothers, Paul Anka, Ritchie Valens, Dion, and Little Richard were but a few of the superstars whose hits defined the '50s and '60s. Now you can recreate the golden era of rock and roll with this 17 song, 15 minute choral revue. Titles include: 'Shout,' 'When Will I Be Loved,' 'My Special Angel,' 'Twist and Shout,' 'Cathy's Clown,' 'The Wanderer,' 'Why Do Fools Fall in Love,' 'Barbara Ann,' 'Diana,' 'You're Sixteen,' 'Traces,' 'Runaround Sue,' 'Donna,' 'Teen Angel,' 'La Bamba,' 'Tossin' and Turnin',' and 'Good Golly Miss Molly.' Use the pre-recorded accompaniment track to add that original rock and roll flavor! Don't miss this one!

Instruments: Choir, Other, Vocal
The Big Apple! There can be no doubt in anyone's mind about which city we are referring. The glamour, the vibrant life that is like no other city on the earth. Musically, our salute includes "Theme from New York, New York," "Forty-Second Street," "Lullaby of Broadway," and "New York, New York." Audiences and musicians will be thrilled with this stunning work that contains sophisticated and supremely atmospheric sounds! (6:48)

Instruments: Lute, Other, Strings
Go back to the heyday of the Big Band era with the music of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and others. Calvin Custer takes you on a musical trip with this medley of the big hits from that time. Titles include "April in Paris," "Serenade in Blue," "Sing, Sing, Sing," "Pennsylvania 6-5000" and more! (7:54)

Instruments: Lute, Other, Strings
Original songs, poetry and stories with Orff instruments for children. bound by a theme of seasonal changes and intended for classroom and music teachers. Coffey, Gagne: Breezes Are Gentrly Blowing

Instruments: Orff Instrument, Other
Traditional Shaker tunes are cleverly interwoven in this arrangement that blends the familiar Simple Gifts with other lesser-known gems. The creative use of rounds, two-part harmony and the unique Shaker practice of 'wordless singing' make this setting ideally accessible for a wide range of choral groups. Also included is interesting information about Shaker traditions. As an educational tool that allows singers to experience the Shaker cultural tradition, this work embodies a timeless message.

Instruments: Choir, Other, Vocal
This wonderful collection gives the mandolin player a wide variety of material from which to choose. Well-known soloist Steve Kaufman includes beautiful, meaningful carols arranged specifically for mandolin. The book includes both a simple melody edition and an intermediate advanced solo version, all in both notation and tab. The mandolin backup parts are discussed in the first section of the book, and chord symbols as well as guitar tablature are provided for the backup parts. A 'must-have' book for the mandolin player! In notation and tablature. The companion CD is designed as a listening recording first and an instructional tool second. All 24 songs are played through at least three times. The first time is the basic melody as it appears in the book followed by the intermediate version and another improvised version, making this both a listening tool and an ear training tool. Recorded Direct to Digital in true stereo sound.

Instruments: Guitar, Other
In memory of Christopher Rowland. Originally a concerto for cello and chamber orchestra, now for cello with a piano reduction of the orchestral part. The concerto is in four movements which are played without a break: Meditation, Intermezzo, Toccata-Scherzo and Song. The work lasts for some 18 minutes and was scored for two oboes, two horns, timpani (doubling tubular bells) and strings(found here in a Cello/Piano form). It is organised in one large arch-shaped structure, with two fast inner movements flanked by two outer slow ones. The solo cello opens the work reflectively, and introduces core melodic material which is continuously developed throughout the concerto. Gradually the strings enter, then wind and timpani, and build a pyramid twelve-note chord, at the peak of which there is a dramatic climax. The music then subsides (solo cello again), but links to the two faster middle movements. The second movement, Intermezzo has an ABA structure and in its middle section quotes the opening of Shostakovich's Third String Quartet (written in the same year as Christopher Rowland was born!). Indeed, the ghost of Shostakovich looms large throughout the concerto in more ways than one. The Toccata-Scherzo is energetic and rhythmically-charged, again using an ABA structure. Here the writing for solo cello is quite virtuosic, but not, I hope, in a shallow sense. The music builds inexorably towards a powerful climax, underpinned by the opening twelve-note chord's re-appearance, together with a violent outburst from the timpani, at which point a tonal resolution (on G) arrives through a pianissimo held chord on strings which leads directly to the final movement - Song. And so the music arrives at its emotional heart through a simple melody (present in other forms throughout the work) announced by solo cello at the very top of its register, against a quiet backdrop of horns and strings. A solo oboe enters, with cello in canonic reply, and all the time the music builds in texture and intensity, now with tubular bells joining in the joyful and optimistic conclusion.

Instruments: Piano, Organ, Oboe, Horn, Cello, Timpani, Strings, Other, Bells, Piano and Keyboard, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion
Absolutely stunning and gorgeous best describes this marvelous ballad created from the pen of noted composer James Swearingen. His ability to make a band sound mature beyond their years is a talent that we've all come to appreciate many times over. AlthoThe Sound Foundations and Rising Band Series are carefully written to provide quality programming correlated to the first four semesters of band instruction. The Sound Foundations Series includes publications at two grade levels identifiable by color. The RED Grade .5 Sound Foundations Series is built upon the rhythmic skills and first six notes introduced in most band methods. The BLUE Grade 1 Sound Foundations publications are built on a range of one octave with expanded rhythms and other musical content.

Instruments: Lute, Other, Strings
Available separately: SATB, ChoirTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:15.All ChoirTrax CDs have a full arrangement of backing instruments for sing-a-long accompaniment. There are 2 complete recordings on the CD. One recording has the choir and instruments. The other has only the backing instruments. (Exception: Some ChoirTrax CDs have only 1 recording. The vocals are recorded on one stereo channel. The backing instruments are on the other. In this case, you can use your stereo's balance control to add or remove the vocal track.)Return Policy Exception: This product can not be returned if opened but it can be exchanged if defective, for the exact same title.

Instruments: Choir, Vocal, Other
Designed for contest and festival use, this is a serious original work for the junior high concert band. This is another in the long line of outstanding works by John Kinyon. (Grade 2)

Instruments: Folk, Other
Bringing together the unique perspectives of some of the top pianists and pedagogues, along with physicians specializing in the treatment and rehabilitation of performance-related injuries, this text is truly unparalleled. The collection covers such topics as developing an advanced technique, myofasical pain and its treatment, benefits of fitness, performance anxiety, a child's first lessons, mechanics of the piano, and musicality. The best of the twentieth-century thinking on the subject, including references to the works of Matthay, Schultz, Ortmann, Whiteside, and others, is also organized and presented in accessible manner. These broad based subjects are included in one of five sections: Mechanical Technical, Musical, Healthful; Mind and Body, and Pedagogical, and include goals and exercises clearly articulated in a concise manner. Although written by and intended for pianists, the universal concepts of wellness and musicality are equally insightful for all musicians.

Instruments: Piano, Organ, Other, Piano and Keyboard
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass gave the world A Taste of Honey and other catchy hits in the '60s that are still enjoyed today. This disk features 11 songs: Spanish Flea

Instruments: Piano, Brass, Other, Piano and Keyboard
In the words of the great Duke Ellington, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." That song title is just one of the tasty morsels in this orchestral salute to the world of jazz. The medley just plain cooks when these other classics are added to the mix: The Swingin' Shepherd Blues, Round Midnight, Take Five, Li'l Darlin', C Jam Blues, and Cute! Cool, man! (5:45)

Instruments: Lute, Other, Strings