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Get your performance off to a great start with this exciting opener. Funky riffs are layered on top of each other until the full groove is revealed. Solo changes are easy and can be opened up for as many soloists as you want. Short and exciting -- the perfect opener!   Full Score.

Instruments: Other
Softly is a beautiful ballad in a slow funk/rock style that blends solo improvisation and terrific ensemble writing into a chart that will be a winner for any concert or festival performance. Brad Ciechomski has written successfully for concert band and jazz ensemble, and has created another gem of a composition that is musically satisfying while being very playable by students.

Instruments: Other
Mike Kamuf has composed another winner with The Goodness Box , a chart that is correlated with the Standard of Excellence Advanced Jazz Ensemble Method. A riff-oriented melody over a funky rhythm section groove makes this a perfect concert or festival selection. - Beginning Level Jazz Charts - Flexibly orchestrated so that they can be played with as few as 9 players. - Everyone in the ensemble has an opportunity to improvise in the open solo section. - Includes two suggested solos and a CD with a solo practice track, to facilitate successful improvisation.

Instruments: Other
The Cat s Meow is straight-ahead swinger in the same vein as Benny Golson s classic Killer Joe. The melody is a very simple riff that repeats at different levels over the course of the form. The cat who inspired the tune is a furry exotic Persian named Berlioz who took up residence in the composer's house. Like most cats, his life consists mainly of eating and sleeping. He most often resides at the top of the stairs, and never bothers to try to get out of the way.

Instruments: Other
A good Latin groove can be hard for a young band to play, but Morning Mambo is a Grade 2 piece written specifically so that the young player can feel the fire and energy of a Mambo. The composer says, The jazz bands that I teach, like so many others, rehearse early in the morning before school. I thought a nice Latin groove would be a good way to start the day!

Instruments: Other
A medium bossa, nova, Tiara is another great introduction to Latin styles for young bands. This selection will make the jazz band sound sophisticated beyond their years.

Instruments: Choir, Other, Vocal
Sleep, Softly Dream is dedicated to the son of friends of the composer. It was written at the time of his birth. The instrumentation relates to the parents who are gifted musicians, one an oboist the other a violinist.

Instruments: Oboe, Violin, Other, Woodwinds, Strings
A colourful duet for flute and clarinet written by Donald Coakley is another brilliant chamber piece. Quick running passages and light staccato articulations make this a piece that is truly fun to play. Originally written to be performed by professional musicians for the Toronto Symphony student concert series, a good high school pair could learn this piece with work.

Instruments: Choir, Flute, Clarinet, Other, Vocal, Woodwinds
A treat for ensemble players of all ages! All four parts are solid intermediate level playing and no part feels second to another as Gurlitt masterfully distributes solos and melodic material equally among the four parts. From a proud, march-like The Start to the peaceful Arrival in the Country to the exciting Chase and the lyrical and romantic Under the Village Lime Tree, you'll find a wide variety of programmatic pieces to choose from that will delight both audience and performer.

Instruments: Piano, Other, Oud, Piano and Keyboard, Folk
Waltz Caprice, Op. 37, No. 2 Waltz Caprice No. 2 begins with a wonderfully lilting and syncopated theme. Kathleen Dale writes, The trio [middle] section is composed of...slender material: an 8-bar phrase of two figures, one a block of reiterated chords, the other the continuous alternation of a melody note with the [half-step] below. The phrase is repeated nine times. Far from being monotonous, the effect is magical...[there is a] feeling of suspense as to where the next modulation will lead... The Last Spring, Op. 34, No. 2 The Last Spring is one of Two Elegiac Melodies that Grieg arranged for solo piano as well as for string orchestra. Grieg made these four-hand settings with beautiful economy of means. The distribution of the thematic and harmonic material achieves refined and expressive effects. Norwegian Dance, Op. 35, No. 2 This Norwegian Dance is among Grieg's best and most characteristic piano duets. It is based on an Old Norwegian mountain melody. As is usual with Grieg, he has treated this folk tune in a uniquely personal way, making it his own while retaining its uniquely Norwegian flavor.

Instruments: Piano, Folk, Other, Piano and Keyboard