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Using the style of Canadian folk songs from the east coast and the story-telling features of Newfoundland, A Fisherman's Tale is a piece about a trip out into the ocean. The piece opens with the solemn, chorale-like movement "Farewell," as the fisherman leaves his home and family to begin the excursion, and closes with "Return to Harbour," an up tempo movement representing the worker's successful homecoming.

Instruments: Choir, Folk, Vocal
This is a truly unique arrangement for woodwinds. This is a traditional South African folksong that has been adapted and arranged for interchangeable woodwind ensemble and percussion. The original a cappella version seemed a little thin so 4 percussion instruments were added to create the authentic rhythmic backgrounds. This would be an exciting way to open your next concert.

Instruments: A Cappella, Percussion, Woodwinds, Folk, Choir, Vocal
This famous folksong was brilliantly arranged as a concert band showpiece and has been adapted here for mixed woodwinds. Melody is found throughout the ensemble and rhythmic variety keeps the piece interesting and exciting for both players and the audience. Creative writing and a popular melody make this an ideal piece for concert or contest use.

Instruments: Woodwinds, Folk
A karesansui is a Japanese rock garden which is an enclosed shallow sandbox containing sand, gravel, and rocks. The main elements are rocks and sand, with the sea symbolized not by water but by sand raked in patterns that suggest rippling water. This short work, for an interchangeable woodwind ensemble and optional percussion, is peaceful, reflective, and accessible to audiences. The major pentatonic scale is used as the basis for this composition, which creates an interesting texture and evokes the sound of an ancient Japanese folk song.PART 1 - Flute, Clarinet, Alto SaxophonePART 2 - Flute, Clarinet, Alto SaxophonePART 3 - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor SaxophonePART 4 - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, F HornPART 5 - Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, BassoonPercussion (optional) - Vibraphone, Bells

Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Folk, Bells, Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar
Inspired by two folk songs from the arranger's Dutch heritage, Two Holland Tales is a piece that combines both lyrical and upbeat sections. "Daar waren twee koningskinderen" (There Were Two Royal Children) is the opening lyrical movement. The piece then moves into "Toen ik op Nederlands bergen stond" (I Once Stood On the Netherland's Hills). This is a fast movement in 6/8.PART 1 - Flute, Oboe, ClarinetPART 2 - Flute, Oboe, ClarinetPART 3 - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, F HornPART 4 - Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor SaxophonePART 5 - Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Baritone SaxophoneOptional Percussion

Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Folk, Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar
There is no place on earth more mysterious than the Great Pyramids in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings was the location of more than 60 tombs constructed for kings and nobles. In modern times the valley has become famous for the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun and is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Now imagine yourself, back 3000 years ago, walking through the desert, the beat of ancient drums in the distance, growing louder and more intense... Welcome to The Valley of the Kings!

Instruments: Drums, Oud, Percussion, Folk
This mournful piece is based on a Canadian folk song which is an account of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, where the British, led by General Wolfe, captured Quebec City from the French, under General Montcalm. This lyrical arrangement makes use of rich harmonies influenced by jazz and pop music. There are some great solo sections to feature various players in the group.

Instruments: Folk

Instruments: Strings, Folk
110 Irish Button Accordion Tunes specially chosen by Dave Munnelly. Includes reels, jigs and a selection of lively barn dances. Make the music come alive with this superb CD learning tool, featuring all 110 of Ireland

Instruments: Accordion, Folk
Everything you need to know about the Irish tin whistle, from playing your first notes to advanced solos and ornamentation. Includes: fully-diagrammed tunes for instant playing; graded scales and exercises; a wide selection of tunes specially chosen to demonstrate techniques and playing styles; a comprehensive guide to traditional ornamentation; key points throughout, highlighting essential aspects of tin whistle technique; a brief history of the Irish tin whistle and biographies of tin whistle legends; a collection of 99 great tin whistle tunes; and a tin whistle discography.

Instruments: Tin Whistle, Folk
Learn the exciting new accompaniment styles used by today's great players from Steve Cooney to Arty McGlynn. Written in dropped-D tuning, this book contains tablature, alternative chord shapes, bass melodies, bass runs, scratching, flamenco rolls, and more. If you want to back traditional Irish music with drive, energy and flamboyance then this is the book for you. Numerous examples will take a variety of new chord shapes and strum patterns, demonstrating how they can be used to make tunes come alive. Three songs are also included to illustrate alternative ballad and folk song accompaniment. Notation and tablature.

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Folk
An illustrated guide to harp playing for the beginning by Nancy Calthorpe. For the folk or non-pedal harp. Learn traditional tunes such as Baptist Johnston; Blow the Wind Southerly; and more.

Instruments: Harp, Strings, Folk
This 2-DVD set includes 29 tracks filmed live in Melbourne, Australia. The program runs close to three hours and features a rare sound check, backstage footage, and exclusive new interviews with band members. Includes the songs One Day at a Time * No More Cloudy Days * The Long Run * New Kid in Town * Lyin' Eyes * Take It Easy * Hotel California * and many others.

Instruments: Other, Oud, Folk
THE superstar, Michael Jackson, has written what might be called 'an anthem for our time on earth.' His charismatic Super Bowl performance and the music video have been enjoyed by millions. Not only is this good music, but the message speaks to us all. We proudly present Ken Dye's scoring of this searing mega-hit.

Instruments: Choir, Oud, Vocal, Folk
Lakeland Portrait is a setting of two Wisconsin folk songs which date from the last half of the nineteenth century. Wisconsin Again was a favorite melody of William N. Allen, who wrote this beautiful tune on his journey from the southern part of the United States back to his home in Wisconsin. The melody to A-Lumbering We Will Go describes the rigorous life and camaraderie among lumberjacks.

Instruments: Folk
Explore the buoyant dance music of Eastern Europe with this exciting selection. Featuring simple rhythmic syncopations and memorable folk-inspired melodies, Carpathian Dance is a captivating musical postcard that is guaranteed to have your students dancing in their seats.

Instruments: Folk
From the composer of the best-seller American Hymnsong Suite, comes Meditation. By combining two tunes, the Lutheran hymn If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee and the American folk song Poor Wayfarin' Stranger, the composer expertly crafts a moving tribute to the memory of those who have passed.

Instruments: Folk
This diverse selection has something for everyone. The delicate, sweet melody of the opening has a music-box quality to it, but before long, the piece transforms itself into something heroic and spirited, building to a mighty roar. In the end, the crystalline textures of the opening reappear to bring the work to a gentle close.

Instruments: Oud, Folk
This charming Chinese Folk song is a fine arrangement and very playable!

Instruments: Folk
Chief Blackhawk, leader of the Sauk and Fox tribes in the American Midwest, fought to save the land of his ancestors and his heritage. The Drums of Blackhawk depict The Drums of Peace, The Drums of Celebration, and The Drums of War. Blackhawk's proud and brave spirit lives on through Jared Spears's masterwork.

Instruments: Drums, Oud, Percussion, Folk
From the composer of Synergy and Tharsos comes a folk song setting for intermediate bands. The Green Blade presents the French carol Now the Green Blade Riseth in a theme-and-variations format; it employs a variety of meters and textures with good dynamic and stylistic contrast. The Green Blade is sure to please.

Instruments: Folk
Japanese for child, Warabe weaves traditional folk songs into a tapestry depicting the playful and carefree dreams of a young person. Warabe begins and ends with the child's sleeping music. The exciting middle section calls for Hyoshigi, Japanese clapping sticks, to help propel the music. Finally, a nightingale's song announces the arrival of morning and the end of the dream.

Instruments: Folk
The first song is a spirited dance using meter changes and hand claps. The second is a soulful love song.

Instruments: Folk
This brilliant masterpiece, based on two Brazilian folk songs, contains lyrical, haunting melodies and a myriad of swirling rhythmic patterns and percussive sounds.

Instruments: Folk