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This book contains 110 of the best tunes in any fiddler's repertoire, specially chosen and arranged by one of Ireland's top players and teachers. Includes a special feature on rolls, cuts, triplets and other ornamentation as well as spirited jigs, slip jigs, polkas and slides, hornpipes, and reels. Guitar chords included.

Instruments: Guitar, Horn, Other, Brass
A facsimile edition of Francis O'Neill's classic 1907 collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes and other dance tunes. The Dance Music of Ireland has proved so valuable to musicians and circulated so widely that it has become known simply as 'the book', a virtual bible for many traditional players. Suitable for all melody instruments.

Instruments: Horn, Other, Brass

Instruments: Cornet, Trumpet, Brass

Instruments: Brass

Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Bass Guitar, Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar
Put your best flugelhorn or trumpet soloist out front to solo on this one. A rhythm section (piano, bass, drums, and guitar) adds that modern sound. (4:21)

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Horn, Trumpet, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano and Keyboard, Brass, Percussion
Composer Neal Hefti wrote this classic swinger for Count Basie and legendary arranger Sammy Nestico scored it for the Jazz Band Series. Your band will shine on this medium tempo chart and the ensemble writing will have the band sounding just like Basie. Solo space provided for 1st tenor sax, 2nd trumpet and 1st trombone, accessible brass ranges, add the Basie-style rhythm section fills and you have a superior chart that will stand the test of time. Basie, Hefti and Nestico-what a combination!

Instruments: Trumpet, Trombone, Brass
One of Sousa s most popular songs as a solo with band accompaniment. May be performed by any solo instrument (Cornet, Euphonium, Trombone solo parts are included) as well as a vocal solo part. Excellent material for adult bands as well as better high s.

Instruments: Vocal, Trombone, Brass
A great jazz song from the collaboration of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn! This arrangement is for vocal group (SATB or SSAA) with big band, and can be used with a vocal soloist as well. You'll like the way the band backs the singers and even gets a chance to blow on its own. Don't overlook this one!

Instruments: Choir, Vocal, Horn, Brass
The trumpet soloist starts alone with this memorable melody and soon draws the entire ensemble into Carl Strommen's easy arrangement. Although the band get its say, it is the trumpet soloist who sustains right to the end. An excellent trumpet feature.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This one truly is wonderful! The band moves along at a nice tempo giving the vocalist plenty of support throughout. Tenor sax and trumpet both solo after the first chorus and then bring the vocalist back to answer the band shouts -- it's wonderful! Typical Wolpe magic! Key of Ab.

Instruments: Vocal, Trumpet, Brass
The honking of auto horns conjures up a vision of Parisian drivers careening and lurching around the streets of this fabulous city. We're off on a madcap whirl from the genius of George Gershwin. Close your eyes and listen to the colors -- you'll know exactly where you are. A stunning setting!

Instruments: Horn, Brass
A slow-fast-slow rock ballad that will knock your socks off! The slow sections groove and the fast section cooks with trumpet and drum highlights. A refreshing alternative to traditional concert fare! (Correlates with the Best In Class Band Method, Book 2, Page 13).

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This stately march in turn gives trumpets, woodwinds and low brass a chance to play the melody. Percussion is prominent throughout, giving that military march feel. An extraordinary march selection! Correlates With Best In Class Bk. 1 Page 20 / SOE Bk. 1 Page 25.

Instruments: Trumpet, Percussion, Brass

Instruments: Bugle, Brass
Divided into three distinct sections, Romance begins in a quiet chorale style. The first contrasting section is introduced dramatically with thrilling woodwinds accented by brass and percussion sections. Romance For Band concludes with a brief return to the opening style. This is an outstanding work worthy of your attention.

Instruments: Choir, Percussion, Woodwinds, Brass, Vocal
Superbly scored, this arrangement features an exquisite trumpet solo. Root has surrounded this beautiful old hymn tune with chordal sonorities and an interesting counter melody. Let Us Break Bread Together is a work that would add strength to any concert regardless of the occasion!

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
Steadfast Leadership has that extra-special something to liven up any concert. With a trio section similar in structure to The Stars and Stripes Forever, this exciting march features an obbligato bugle part playable by a soloist or a whole battalion of buglers! Don't miss this exciting new march!

Instruments: Bugle, Brass
This explosive, thrilling selection is a non-stop adventure. Featuring quick tempi, double-tonguing brass, and cinematic moments of spine-tingling intensity, it's sure to generate quite a frenzy at your next concert. Not to be missed!

Instruments: Brass
Ralph Hultgren treats us to another imaginative and moving composition! A Celtic ensemble of pennywhistle, violin, and soprano and alto vocalists provide a unique color to your band. Cues for this ensemble are provided in the parts for optimum flexibility. Add an antiphonal brass choir in the final chorale for a rousing close to your concert!

Instruments: Choir, Vocal, Violin, Brass, Other, Strings
This joyful work includes the contrasting styles of a cheery walking tune, a sustained organ-like chorale, and a bright trumpet fanfare, all combining to maintain momentum and keep the music interesting. A true celebration of sound!

Instruments: Choir, Organ, Trumpet, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard, Brass
The beautiful and expressive lyricism featured by the euphonium in this piece will melt the heart of any listener! Its elegant accompaniment also offers optional solo opportunities for horn and trumpet. A great way to feature a graduating player or guest artist!

Instruments: Horn, Trumpet, Brass
Overlooking Omaha Beach, the cemetery is the home of the fallen soldiers from the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944. Mr. Camphouse expertly transfigures the theme throughout to represent the foggy weather of that fateful day, and the nearly insurmountable defenses. Noble fanfares burst forth from the brass and lead into a triumphant hymn. Click in the Audio box on the right to listen to a full-length recording of Symphonic Prelude !

Instruments: Brass
Bruce Pearson is best known as the author of the Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method. But quietly and consistently he has become one of the foremost composers of quality and challenging music for young bands. Now Tableau joins such grade two titles as Tapestry, Renaissance Triptych, Proclamation, and Canticle as outstanding compositions for both contest/festival and concert programming. A tableau is a graphic description or representation of ancient days and Tableau, the composition, is its musical counterpart, written in the ancient F Aeolian mode. Sparked by a tranquil Andante trumpet solo, and followed shortly by an exciting Allegro flute solo, the selection ends with dramatic ascending scale passages for all instruments in the band. A performance must!

Instruments: Choir, Flute, Trumpet, Vocal, Woodwinds, Brass