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Performed by Gyorgi Spassov, flute Accompaniment: Plovdiv Chamber Orchestra Conductor: Nayden Todorov MMO presents a brand-new digital recording of one of our all-time best-selling albums: Mozart's magnificent Flute Concerto No. 2 along with Quantz's G-major Concerto. Both are masterpieces at the top of the repertoire. An essential album for every flutist! This deluxe 2 CD set includes a slow-tempo practice version of each piece to help you as you learn. Includes a printed music score on high-quality ivory paper; and a digital stereo compact disc, voluminously indexed for your convenience, containing a complete version with soloist; then a second performance of the orchestral accompaniment, minus you, the soloist; and a second compact disc containing a repeat of the full-speed recording of the complete version, followed by a -20% reduced-tempo version of the accompaniment for practice purposes.

Instruments: Flute, Woodwinds
Powerful harmonies and strong rhythms dominate this new easy work from Michael Sweeney. Written in a simple rondo form, statements of the main theme are interspersed with a legato section featuring woodwinds, and later, question and answer phrases between percussion and the low voices. A sparkling new addition for the easy level.

Instruments: Percussion, Woodwinds
This dramatic new work from John Moss opens with a haunting chant-like theme stated by the clarinets. This theme is developed using rich sonorities and a variety of textures before giving way to the exciting and rhythmic Celebration. John skillfully weaves the original theme into this new section as it builds to a climax then winds down to a quietly effective ending. A wonderful blend of sophistication and power for younger players.

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds
Bring a little opera into the band room with this skillful adaptation of Verdi's famous Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore. The woodwinds carry the melody in the opening section with a few 16th note scale-wise patterns, then the brass and percussion take over for the rousing finish!

Instruments: Percussion, Woodwinds, Brass
MusicWorks - Grade 3 Drawing its title from the Greek word for motion, this marvelously paced work from Michael Sweeney explores various forms of motion within the concert band setting. The fanfare-like opening uses interplay between the brass, percussion and woodwinds and is followed by a driving main theme. The slow motion middle section uses a striking harmonic scheme stated first by the woodwinds and some unusual orchestration devices, before returning to an expanded version of the main theme and dramatic ending. This rewarding and fresh-sounding composition will leave a lasting impression on players and listeners alike. (5:50)

Instruments: Percussion, Woodwinds, Brass
MusicWorks - Grade 1 There is a flavor of medieval chivalry in this appealing easy overture. Strong themes and active percussion writing characterize the opening section. A brief slow section featuring the woodwinds precedes the energetic and powerful finish. Impressive yet very playable. (2:55)

Instruments: Percussion, Woodwinds
Grade 2 Characteristic of Richard's distinctive style, this impressive piece features a rhythmic vitality throughout, along with fresh harmonies and skilled orchestrational devices. Amid the powerful fanfare-like phrases, Richard creates a brief calm section using the woodwinds and a unique layering effect before building to the dynamic ending. Great sounds for young players - all in one tempo throughout! Dur: 2:30

Instruments: Woodwinds
Here is an expansive work featuring a wide spectrum of emotional and sonic elements for symphonic band. From striking full band effects to delicate woodwind and percussion writing, this is a marvelous showcase for your entire ensemble. Featured is an amazing contrapuntal section for the clarinets, a flowing chorale, powerful fanfare-like passages, dynamic full band unisons and soaring melodies. Due to the length of the piece, the composer has provided programming options for performing shorter versions. (10:20)

Instruments: Choir, Clarinet, Percussion, Vocal, Woodwinds
Here is a unique and creative setting of the familiar tune Greensleeves (What Child Is This?) that opens with the melody scored softly for the woodwinds. The full ensemble contributes a series of harmonically rich phrases until the work reaches an emotional climax at the powerfully scored key change. While this is certainly effective as a holiday offering, it can be performed as a memorable tone poem any time of the year. Dur: 4:10

Instruments: Woodwinds
In this evocative work for beginning bands, Michael Oare draws upon imagery and sounds of the Native American wolf dance for inspiration. A flute solo sets the opening mood, followed by dramatic full band statements accompanied by a driving percussion ostinato. Dur: 1:20

Instruments: Flute, Percussion, Woodwinds
Composed for the First International Conference of Children of Holocaust Survivors.

Instruments: Piano, Clarinet, Piano and Keyboard, Woodwinds

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds
This is a great opportunity to incorporate a modern concerto into your band's repertoire, which will provide a fresh and appealing concert item for your upcoming season. The work follows the standard 3-movement concerto form with a syncopated, rag-like opening movement contrasting with a slower, beautifully English-sounding second movement. The third movement is based on a bebop style to show off the jazzier qualities of the clarinet. This substantial work is suitable for a Grade 4 standard band.

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds
This series has been initiated in order to encourage young composers at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to write practical pieces which are, at the same time, challenging, stimulating and exciting to play.

Instruments: Piano, Clarinet, Piano and Keyboard, Woodwinds
The title is Gaelic for a lament for the dead. The piece is dedicated to the victims of the Piper Alpha disaster, a 1988 oil rig fire on the North Sea.

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds
In typical Percy Grainger fashion, this is a quiet, delicate, yet playable work that features the woodwinds primarily, but is enjoyable for all. Grades 4-5.

Instruments: Woodwinds

Instruments: Piano, Clarinet, Piano and Keyboard, Woodwinds

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds

Instruments: Piano, Clarinet, Piano and Keyboard, Woodwinds
Here's a peaceful composition that glows with richness and sentiment. It begins with a soulful clarinet melody and a beautiful interweaving of woodwinds and brass that will make your young band sound mature beyond their years. A strong middle section builds to a dramatic climax and then returns to the alluring primary theme. (Grade 1 1/2---Easy)

Instruments: Clarinet, Brass, Woodwinds
This creative overture weaves together a number of Christmas favorites and is perfect for the holiday season. A Christmas Portrait has just the spark of joy to bring an instant response from your congregation. The Allegis Church Orchestra -Platinum Series instrumental packs feature material for: Flute I & II

Instruments: Flute, Woodwinds
From this Baroque masterpiece by Handel, Mike has selected two of the most familiar themes for this arrangement. The bold and majestic strains of the Overture are followed by the faster and energetic Minuet. The brass and woodwinds are often featuring in answering phrases in this convincing adaptation for beginning groups.

Instruments: Woodwinds, Brass
Audio Clips >> (If a soloist is heard on the demonstration audio clips, a complete reference version is also on the included accompaniment CD, along with the separate background music for your play-along usage.)These all-time standards have been arranged for clarinet and symphony orchestra, for a beautiful palette of sound. Not too difficult.Includes a high-quality printed solo part and a compact disc containing a complete performance in split-channel stereo, with the soloist on the right channel; and a second performance in full stereo minus the soloist.About this series: Each MMO compact disc is a recording of a selection, or a concerto, performed by full orchestra or chamber ensemble or jazz band, to which you contribute the solo part, using the sheet music provided. Superior Quality: Every MMO edition is created to the highest Quality Standards. We use only the best orchestras and soloists and the most advanced recording methods. Our latest releases include newly engraved printed scores, on beautiful acid-free ivory paper, often in unique definitive editions with annotations and performance suggestions from our world-class artists. Unrivaled Convenience: All new and re-mastered MMO classic titles include multiple trackbreaks on each compact disc for easy practicing, cross-indexed throughout for the printed score. And subtle taps before movements which start without an orchestral introduction mean you know the tempo every time you play! Our innovative click-less cue-points for orchestral entrances after solos and cadenzas give you a transparent and flawless performance with your Music Minus One orchestral background.You can fill-in the part missing from this CD's audio track with Clarinet in B-flat.

Instruments: Clarinet, Woodwinds