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3, 4 or 5 octaves with African percussion o General o Level 3+ o This original composition will delight all who hear it with its upbeat and rhythmic African flavor in 3/4 meter. The African percussion instruments needed are two drums and small and large shakers, but congas, maracas, and guiro may be substituted if necessary. Techniques included are pluck, mallets, martellato, and martellato-lift. There are three easy key changes, but no bell changes within each section. "Bwana Asifiwe" means "Praise the Lord" in the Swahili language, and is often used as a greeting.

Instruments: Choir, Percussion, Handbell, Drums, Vocal
Imagine a procession of people going joyfully to worship, approaching and growing in numbers from afar, passing at full volume, then gradually fading as they pass. Syncopated rhythms along with African drums, shakers and bells intermingled in an improvisatory style creatively evoke this animated scene appropriate for any worship service. Suggestions for instruments and rhythms are included.

Instruments: Handbell, Drums, Bells, Percussion

Instruments: Percussion, Snare Drum, Drums
Piano accompaniment included.

Instruments: Piano, Piano Accompaniment, Percussion, Snare Drum, Piano and Keyboard, Drums

Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Includes 15 Newly Published Works With Full Score Analyses! By Deborah A. Sheldon and Robert Sheldon. Lessons in Performance. Book 1: Around the World. For Beginning and Developing Bands. After many years of commitment to music education, Deborah and Robert Sheldon are pleased to introduce the exciting and innovative publication Lessons in Performance, Book 1: Around the World. Featuring 15 pieces with full score analyses, techniques for conducting and teaching, background information, and supplemental exercises, Lessons in Performance bridges the gap between rehearsal concert halls. Also ideal for cross-curricular teaching, all supplemental material strategically incorporates the National Standards. This complete package is a cost-effective collection of exceptional music and outstanding educational guidance created by the dynamic Sheldon team. We are sure you will want to add this volume to your young band's curriculum! Included with each piece are comprehensive and dynamic lesson plans containing; Full Score Analyses, Background and Historical Information, Direct Correlation with National Standards, Techniques for Teaching and Conducting, Supplemental Exercises for Every Instrument Exploring

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Snare Drum, Guitar, Drums, Percussion
The title says it all: this arrangement for band and chorus or band, strings and chorus is an uplifting rendition of the hymn God of Our Fathers. Beginning with solo snare drum and trumpet, this selection showcases band and chorus separately before the grand finale. A must for your next Festival Finale!

Instruments: Trumpet, Snare Drum, Strings, Brass, Drums, Percussion
The title says it all: this arrangement for band and chorus or band, strings and chorus is an uplifting rendition of the hymn God of Our Fathers. Beginning with solo snare drum and trumpet, this selection showcases band and chorus separately before the grand finale. A must for your next Festival Finale!

Instruments: Trumpet, Snare Drum, Strings, Brass, Drums, Percussion
La Boheme is an operatic favorite and this arrangement of the Act II excerpt is especially delightful. Beginning with military snare drum and the sound of far-off trumpets, this selection sparkles from beginning to end! A yuletide jewel for your next holiday concert.

Instruments: Trumpet, Snare Drum, Brass, Drums, Percussion
It's time to deck the halls rock 'n' roll style! Fire up the burners as you get cooking' with the energetic rock chart which can feature your drum set player or you can use standard percussion. A hard-rock groove is quickly established with drums and a

Instruments: Percussion, Drums, Drum Set
Feature practically every section in the band with this rock-style version of Up on the Housetop, complete with optional drumset. After a brief lyrical opening featuring solo trumpet, drumset, and a grooving bass line take over. A fun feature section ta

Instruments: Trumpet, Bass Guitar, Drums, Brass, Guitar, Percussion
The rich history of the Rocky Mountain National Park includes many cultural treasures, such as ancient trails, game drives, cattle ranches, and lodges. With a hint of Aaron Copland and a salute to the rich traditions throughout the Rocky Mountains, this Rocky Mountain Romp is excellent for introducing easy syncopation, accents, and dynamic contrast. All accents should be played in the context of the written dynamic to give the piece its true character. An advanced snare drum part is provided for more d.

Instruments: Lute, Snare Drum, Strings, Drums, Percussion
This novelty selection is perfect for featuring your percussionists at your next holiday concert. Tim has used plenty of toys which are readily available at this grade level. The band is also involved throughout, including a clever harmonic twist that kee

Instruments: Percussion, Drums
Snare drum solo and muted trumpets set the tone as the endearing melody of our National Anthem is first introduced. Each new entrance is a textural gem as the work harmonically unfolds, and builds to a moving and grandiose conclusion.

Instruments: Trumpet, Snare Drum, Oud, Brass, Drums, Percussion, Folk
A Singer's Edition book which contains spoken parts, vocals and the accompaniment.Community ... use singing to bring people together once again in your neighborhood, home, church, camp, school, club or activity. Plan now to include some audience participation at a concert or other public event. Throw in a song or two at the beginning of a meeting to melt the ice and get communication going. Restore the fun of camp singing next time you gather a group around the fire. Get out the guitar, sit down at the piano, tune up the Autoharp, add a bass, drums, or any other instruments you can lay your hands on, and have a sing-a-long. Developed in association with the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) and other music organizations, this publication contains over 40 songs which represent America's vast and varied music heritage, along with an introduction by America's own Pete Seeger. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these editions will benefit the national MENC campaign to Get America Singing ... Again! Available for purchase separately: Piano/Vocal/Guitar Edition, Singer's Edition, and Singer's Edition (10-pak). For all ages.

Instruments: Choir, Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Organ, Harp, Bass Guitar, Drums, Other, Piano and Keyboard, Strings, Percussion
This book was written with the novice percussionist in mind. No previous musical experience is required to constructively make your way through this self-instruction course. Basic rhythm reading principles and fills are illustrated and discussed. Drumming concepts are introduced progressively, so that; provided you stay with it; you will gain a solid foundation for drumming technique and overall musicianship.

Instruments: Percussion, Drums, Drum Set
This handy, pocket-sized instructional book contains a wealth of instruction, fundamentals, and techniques for playing snare drum. It includes basic sticking exercises; a guide to music notation; exercises for bounces, rolls, flams, paradiddles, ruffs, and radamacues; and a basic music dictionary. This book is a tremendous value for the price and can be kept as a daily practice guide and study reference manual.

Instruments: Percussion, Snare Drum, Drums

Instruments: Drums, Drum Set, Percussion
SATB, Percussion, Opt Piano   This is dynamic and short, to set the mood for an exciting, upbeat service. The drums and voices stem from the call and response of spirituals as well as the drumming of African and Native American spiritual songs. An inclusive Trinitarian setting calling God's people to worship.

Instruments: Choir, Piano, Percussion, Drums, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard
CandomblT is written in a rhythm very close to the tango and the habanera. Some Latin American music has been influenced by or developed from African rhythms, as in this piece. CandomblT is a dance from the Rio de la Plata; now it is heard in Uruguay, where they usually play it with drums of different sizes. This dance was known in Argentina, where it was also called CandomblT.

Instruments: Choir, Drums, Vocal, Percussion
In an easy 2-beat show style, this upbeat original will set the perfect mood for a night of Broadway songs. So let the curtain rise, we're all in our places, rehearsed and set to go through our paces! Parts for optional Guitar, Bass and Drums included. Duration: ca. 2:45.

Instruments: Choir, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocal, Percussion
This unique setting by Keith Christopher gives this perennial song a new island feel, complete with steel drums and percussion. Choirs and ensembles can sing along with the ChoirTrax, or as an option it may be performed a cappella. Available separately: SATB opt. a cappella, ChoirTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:15.

Instruments: Choir, A Cappella, Percussion, Drums, Vocal
Heave away, sail away! This original sea chantey with its rollicking music, lively tin whistle obbligato and snare drum accompaniment captures all the sea-faring adventure and excitement you could ever want! The vocal parts are easy and fun to sing and the hearty, robust style will be a great motivator for younger groups! Duration: ca. 2:20.

Instruments: Vocal, Snare Drum, Drums, Percussion
From Where's Charley by Broadway legend Frank Loesser comes the tongue-in-cheek salute to marching bands! You can hear the rat-a-tat of the drums, you'll chuckle at the song's humor and you will bring down the house with the big ending! Available separately: TTBB a cappella, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:30.

Instruments: A Cappella, Lute, Drums, Choir, Vocal, Strings, Percussion