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Here's an inspiring patriotic number ideal for any age choir. The march-like tempo drives the melody, and the text is crystal clear: "America, we will always stand up for you." The optional SoundPax parts (brass quartet and snare drum) are easy to add and sound great...or use the SoundTrax cassette. Another strong choral work by Jerry Estes. InstruPax includes: director's score, 2 trumpets, trombone, bass trombone/tuba, percussion.

Instruments: Choir, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Snare Drum, Tuba, Brass, Other, Vocal, Guitar, Drums
(band woodwind or less)Solo: flute; clarinet; alto saxophone; tenor saxophone; trumpet; trombone; tuba Woodwind choirTitle: Jesus Loves MeKey: Bb, Eb, F F, CMeter: 4-4 4-4, 6-8, 3-4Time: 2'45" 3'00"Level: 3Form: Rondo Song (ternary)Comments: Full score for the woodwind section of the Concert Band. Can be used with flute; clarinet I / II; alto saxophone and one bass line instrument. Much cross - cueing.Songs included: Jesus Loves Me; Praise Him All Ye Little Children; Jesus Loves The Little Children JESUS LOVES ME Jesus Loves Me

Instruments: Choir, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Guitar, Tuba, Vocal, Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar
Mark Hanson's focused method includes an instructional and accompaniment CD, 14 solos, and measure-by-measure instruction. It also features standard notation and tablature, tunes and exercises played at slow and performance speed, and detailed, thorough instruction for numerous different styles and techniques. Topics covered include: hand position

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar

Instruments: Piano, Bass Guitar, Piano and Keyboard, Guitar
Choral Instrumental Pak, Sheet Music Package Download, Rhythm. This really cooks! Vocal jazz hits over a walking bass line, a swingin' ensemble scat chorus and a hot combo orchestration make this arrangement of the Frank Loesser standard a definite winner! Duration: ca. 2:15. Arranger: Kirby Shaw. Composer: Frank Loesser. Writer: Frank Loesser; Kirby Shaw.

Instruments: Choir, Vocal, Bass Guitar, Guitar
Instrumentation: Snare Drums, Quad-toms, Four Bass Drums, Cymbals with optional mallets and/or xylophone. THREE CADENCES: 1. Dufi's Lemming Dance, 2. Pita Crypt, 3. Lou Guy Avec Ailes.

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Snare Drum, Cymbal, Guitar
Instrumentation: Snare Drums, Tri-Toms, Two Bass Drums (playable by one player), Cymbals, with optional bells and/or xylophone. FIVE CADENCES: 1. Two Left Feet, 2. Charge, 3. Get a Grip, 4. Impact, 5. In the Groove.

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Snare Drum, Bells, Cymbal, Guitar
Instrumentation: Snare Drums, Quad-toms, Four Bass Drums, Cymbals with optional mallets and/or xylophone plus auxiliary percussion. FOUR CADENCES: 1. Funky Fives, 2. Barking Spiders, 3. A.C., 4. Stick up.

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Snare Drum, Cymbal, Guitar
It has hints of Africa, as well as the Caribbean. Certainly, Bethlehem Hallelu has its roots in the African Diaspora. It's rhythmic and melodic, in a walking tempo wich anchors the piece as it builds through several rising modulations. A part for two drums is included in the publication and Jay Althouse lists no less than eight performances options in his Performance Notes, including voices with drum and bass. Tailor it to your needs and the talents of your students, or use the "world music" SoundTrax CD.

Instruments: Choir, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocal, Guitar, Percussion
The ability to read, play, and make a convincing, consistent groove in a sixteenth note rhythm is one of the more formidable challenges facing a contemporary rhythm section player. This book attempts to address that challenge by supplying chord progressions with different syncopated rhythmic patterns. Practice of these exercises will lead to an understanding of the style, and ability to execute the rhythms common to funk. Comping Styles for Bass is a collection of 36 different progressions with both guitar and bass parts written out, so a bass player can see what the guitar is doing and also get used to reading bass parts in a funk style. It includes a CD which demonstrates the progressions in a trio setting of guitar, bass, and drums. It is a useful tool for learning to interact with a rhythm section.

Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion