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Acoustic Guitar, November 2012, No. 239 - Loudon Wainwright III: Not Done Yet, 5 Hybrid Nylon-Strings Reviewed, How to Shop for a Classical, Andrew York, Bottleneck Slide Lesson with Kelly Joe Phelps. New product for the week of Sept 24th, 2012.

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Oud, Folk
Lyle Lovett on Texas Songwriters and His Favorite Guitars, 6 Premier OMs Reviewed, Bruce Cockburn's Songwriting Tips, Fingerstyle Lesson with Don Ross, Otis Taylor's Trance Blues, more. New product for the week of May 21, 2012.

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Irish Trad and Pop Legend Paul Brady, Zoe Muth's Vintage Country, Gear Reviews - L.R. Baggs M80, Rainsong Short Scale, Carfter OM, Summer Gear Guide, Learn Alternate Tunings with Alex de Grassi New product for the week of April 23, 2012.

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar, April 2012, No. 232 - Guitar Camp Kings Jorma Kaukonen and Steve Kaufman, Exclusive Flatpicking Lesson with Dan Crary, All About Handheld Recorders, Singer-Songwriter Pieta Brown, Summer Workshops and Camps.New product for the week of February 13, 2012.

Instruments: Guitar, Recorder, Acoustic Guitar, Woodwinds
Exclusive Lesson with Irish Guitar Master John Doyle, Songwriter/Producer Joe Henry on Vintage Guitars and Mics, How to Use Mics Onstage and in the Studio, Laurie Lewis on Bill Monroe.New product for the week of March 26, 2012

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
In any music style, there are essentials - scales, licks, chords, etc. Acoustic Guitar Chords teaches you the must-know chords that will get you strumming quickly. You won't get bogged down with tons of details. Rather, you'll be armed with many chord shapes that have been used throughout the acoustic guitar's history in countless hits. The included DVD demonstrates each chord and all the examples are accompanied by a full band, so you can hear these chords in the proper context. Teaches: open chords, barre chords, seventh chords, other chord types (suspended, add9), open-string drone chords, full song examples, and more. You don't need to learn how to read music to play acoustic guitar. But you do need to know these chords!New product for the week of March 19, 2012.

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Other
Core gauges: .011.

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
This book offers solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements of 35 Christmas melodies from around the world. To eliminate page turns, the settings are presented in separate standard notation and tablature versions. A few of these popular carols are written in dropped-D tuning. All are tastefully set in guitar-friendly keys with minimal fingering indications and a solid knowledge of traditional harmony and counterpoint. These arrangements would best be rendered by the intermediate to advanced classical or fingerstyle guitarist.

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Gauges: 012 (1-E), 016 (2-B), 024 (3-G), 032 (4-D), 042 (5-A) & 054 (6-E).

Instruments: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Meet Randy Parsons, a custom builder for the likes of Jack White, Jimmy Page, and Joe Perry who uses materials like bone, copper, and solid ebony to craft his extraordinary creations. Also, interviews with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Sommatone Amplification, exploring the unsung guitar heroes of the '60s, a look at Guild amps of the 1950s, and a touching introduction to the Guitars for Vets organization. Reviewed: Mesa/Boogie Trans-Atlantic, Port City Sahana Amp and Cab, Vox AGA70 Acoustic Guitar Amp, Kala U-Bass, Amptweaker TightDrive and Bass TightDrive pedals, Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Signature Wah, Reverend Pete Anderson Signature guitar, Harden Engineering Switchblade guitar, Dynamic 2040 HG DynaLead amp, and Aracom Power Rox PRX150-Pro Attenuator.

Instruments: Guitar, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Keyboard