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A full-bore straight ahead rendition of the familiar old standard from the big band era. Contemporary in style and concept, the 1st trumpet needs a strong C above the staff. Includes an open solo section for the soloists of your choice and has a ver.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This swing era classic has been given new life with this very playable Jerry Burns arrangement. Lots of strong block scoring and a tasty trumpet solo make this a solid choice for any band!

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
Sonate. (Trompette Ut et Piano (Collection eric Aubier)). By Krzywicki. For C trumpet and piano. Published by Alphonse Leduc (AH.AL29170). ISBN 9790046291708.

Instruments: Piano Accompaniment, C Trumpet, Piano, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Sonatine Breve. (Cornet Sib ou Trompette Ut ou Sib et Piano). By Alain Weber. For B-flat cornet or trumpet in C or B-flat and piano. Published by Alphonse Leduc (AH.AL21950). ISBN 9790046219504.

Instruments: Piano Accompaniment, Cornet, C Trumpet, Piano, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Sonate. (Trumpet in C und Organ). By Josef Friedrich Doppelbauer. Chamber music (organ). For trumpet and organ. 4. Composed (1980). Published by Doblinger Music Publishers (DB.02-00918). Eine gediegene Sonate aus bewahrter Feder. Das Stuck ist dreisatzig. Einem unbezeichneten Satz (Allegro) folgt ein ruhiger Choral (Da pacem, Domine), den Abschlu! bildet eine recht virtuose Fuge. Stilistisch ist das Werk etwa den (Orgel)-So-naten Paul .

Instruments: Organ, B-Flat Trumpet, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Petit Concert by Rene L. Vanstreels. For Trumpet and Piano. Instrumental collection. Grade 3. Published by Digital Music Print (DM.DMP-9621).

Instruments: Piano Accompaniment, B-Flat Trumpet, Piano, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Invention For Guitar And Trumpet by Bill Holman. Arranged by Bill Holman. Jazz Ensemble / Jazz Band. The Stan Kenton Orchestra Library Series. Grade 5/6. Score and set of parts. Published by Sierra Music (S1.SMP-634). Once used in the "Blackboard Jungle" movie, this piece is one of Holman's earliest compositions to be recorded by Kenton. It was written for Maynard Ferguson and Sal Salvador and recorded in 1952. Recorded on the Kenton "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm" CD.

Instruments: Guitar, Trumpet, Brass
Le Printemps (with CD) by Jean-Francois Michel. For Trumpet and Piano. Easy-Medium. CD, part(s) and score (in A4 format). Duration 3' 15. Published by Woodbrass Music SA (W1.P11744CD).

Instruments: Piano Accompaniment, B-Flat Trumpet, Piano, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Stories for Our Time by Faye-Ellen Silverman. For C Trumpet & Piano. Score & Parts. Composed 2009. Duration 12'. Published by Seesaw Music Corp (SS.50500350).

Instruments: Piano, C Trumpet, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
This classic march is a patriotic toe-tapper from start to finish! Mature bands will enjoy tackling this challenging march, which features solid trumpet-and-drum passages, powerful low brass lines, and a dazzling woodwind obbligato. This is a real powerFull-sized concert band editions of the greatest marches of all time. Each has been faithfully re-scored to accommodate modern instrumentation and incorporate performance practices of classic march style.

Instruments: Choir, Trumpet, Brass, Vocal
"Blues March" is an easy jazz march based on a quarter-note pattern, with a hip melody that begins with a drum cadence! Written solos for trumpet and tenor sax are included. With easy ranges and rhythms, this is a fun chart that helps to teach jazz articulation! This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
The best of the amazing Herbie Hancock! Arranger Mike Kamuf scores this hip, funky Herbie Hancock tune for the young player. This chart is ideal for this level with only three chords, a repetitive groove and catchy melody. This chart includes written solos for tenor sax and trumpet and lead trumpet range goes up to written top line F with optional G on top of the staff. A superb chart from the first note to the last. This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This sultry ballad from the Great American Songbook is one of the finest works from the songwriting team of Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen. The dazzling arrangement has a great piano accompaniment, full choral writing, and a pull-out-the-stops finish. Very appropriate for concert choirs as well as show and jazz groups. Includes parts for alto sax., tenor sax., trumpet, trombone, and rhythm.

Instruments: Choir, Piano, Piano Accompaniment, Trumpet, Trombone, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard, Brass
Two Songs of Morning contains two beautifully contrasting melodies, scored to demonstrate the lush tonal capabilities of the concert band. The Gaelic Melody used in movement tow is the well-known "Morning has Broken". Upon conclusion of the eight-bar introduction, the first presentation of the theme appears in the first trumpet accompanied by the expressive style throughout the movement, and students will enjoy the challenge of having to play the extended phrases needed to bring this music to life.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
Turn your whole church into a choir! Youth and adults will enjoy presenting this stirring contemporary anthem that adds the congregation in the final chorus and builds to a forceful finish. Brass Score, Timpani, Trumpet 1/2/3, Tombone 1/2/3.

Instruments: Choir, Trumpet, Timpani, Brass, Vocal, Percussion
Trumpet 1/2/3, Trombone 1/2/3.

Instruments: Trumpet, Trombone, Brass
Commissioned in memory of a dedicated, long-serving pastor, "From Age to Age the Same" opens with inspired original music and text, inspired by Psalm 46 (God is our refuge and strength). A seamless transition leads to a triumphant setting of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" with optional congregational singing. Optional trumpet or brass quartet and timpani add to the triumphant mood.

Instruments: Trumpet, Timpani, Brass, Percussion
What is a "Pacific Attitude?" It's cool, it's refreshing, it's a fun-to-play rock chart. This one is easy to play, quick to rehearse, and includes a written tenor sax solo, a nice ensemble interlude, a few strategically placed one-measure drum solos and a 1st trumpet range to written E, top space. The band will dig this chart and ask to play this one every rehearsal. A winner, for sure. (3:22) This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This is a beautiful melody and arrangement by Mike Smukal. It begins with a four-bar chorale intro, then moves into an easy bossa-feel, with the melody played by 1st alto sax and 2nd trumpet and a written-out solo later on for the alto. A shimmering ensemble section, lush harmonies and lead trumpet range to written G on top of the staff are but a few highlights of this fine chart. Gorgeous writing. (4:04) This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Choir, Trumpet, Vocal, Brass
A contemporary treatment of this traditional jazz tune, arranger and band director Mike Kamuf combines multiple generations in one chart. With a shuffle groove, the opening melody is stated by alto, tenor, trumpet and optional guitar in fourths. Some countermelody development, solo space (written) for tenor and trumpet, then an interlude that builds big time into a powerful shout chorus to bring it home. It's a happening chart. (4:04)"This chart gives the New Orleans classic a funk treatment. The piece starts with a great introduction, and a vamp based on the melody follows each chorus. Written solos for the tenor sax and trumpet are in D minor and use some nice stylistic elements."- The Instrumentalist

Instruments: Guitar, Trumpet, Brass
It's electric! A high-energy jazz chart set as a samba with a funky groove and a swing feel, arranged by Eric Richards. A few features include sax solis, powerful ensemble writing, a jazz solo for 2nd trumpet, and lead trumpet range to written D, above the staff. It's a challenging chart but worth the work and it will bring down the house. A fabulous jazz tune and an outstanding chart by a seasoned writer---in short, this is a very hot chart. (5:48)

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This up-tempo samba on this wonderful Cole Porter standard is a great vehicle for your band---not difficult yet very effective. The melody and solo space (written-out solos) feature alto and trumpet and a nice interlude band shout chorus. Lead trumpet range is to written B, above the staff. (3:11) This title is available through SmartMusic.

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
Composer Eric Richards offers a creative, challenging and effective original in 6/4 time, with a straight eighth groove that moves into a swing feel, but still in 6. You'll discover that this chart feels great in 6 with features such as a sax soli, solo space for tenor sax and trumpet 2, lots of ensemble shout chorus, and lead trumpet range to written C, above the staff. An excellent chart with a hint of Metheny. (7:26)

Instruments: Trumpet, Brass
This "gotta-have-it" chart is a very catchy Latin melody scored in a hip yet playable arrangement that is exceptional in every way. Some nice piano lines echoed by the ensemble, written solos for tenor sax, trumpet and trombone, easy ranges and solid writing throughout. You'll love it, we promise! (3:08)

Instruments: Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano and Keyboard, Brass