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Methodes et Traites Orgue - 5 Volumes - France 1600-1800 (Serie I - France 1600-1800). Edited by Jean Saint-Arroman, Jean Christophe Tosi. For Organ. This edition: Facsimile. Methodes & Traites. Score. 1232 pages. Published by Anne Fuzeau Productions - France (FZ.8482). ISBN M230684828. 24 x 33 cm inches. The complete theoretic documentation, methods, classical music scores on the organ. These early music methods are in facsimile in five books. Volume 1 (Ref. 5921) : Anonymes (1-2-3-4) - Marin MERSENNE - Guillaume-Gabriel NIVERS (1) - DOM PIERRE DE SAINTE-CATHERINE - Martin SONNET - Jehan TITELOUZE (1-2) - Pierre TRICHETVolume 2 (Ref. 5922) : ANCELET - Jean Henry d'ANGLEBERT - Anonymes (5-6-7-8-9-10-11) - Louis BOLLIOUD DE MERMET - Jacques BOYVIN (1-2) - Lambert CHAUMONT - Nicolas CLERAMBAULT - Gaspard CORRETTE - Michel CORRETTE (1-2-3) - Jean-Francois DANDRIEU - Denis DODART -Encyclopedie - Francois-Alexandre-Pierre de GARSAULT - Nicolas GIGAULT (1-2) - Gilles JULLIEN - Nicolas-Antoine LEBEGUE (1-2) - Christophe MOUCHEREL - Guillaume-Gabriel NIVERS (2-3) - Andre RAISON - Jean-Philippe RAMEAU - Karl Joseph RIEPP - Joseph SAUVEURVolume 3 (Ref. 5923) : Francois DOM BEDOS DE CELLES (textes)Volume 4 (Ref. 5924) : Anonymes (1-2) - BENAUT - Francois DOM BEDOS DE CELLES (planches) - Marie-Dominique-Joseph ENGRAMELLE - Philippe MACQUER. Volume 5 (Ref. 5925) : Francois-Henri CLICQUOT - Michel CORRETTE (4) - Encyclopedie methodique - Jean Benjamin de LABORDE - Jean-Andre SILBERMANN. Table of contents:Volume 1:Titelouze Jehan: Hymnes de l'eglise 1624; Titelouze Jehan: Le Magnificat 1626; Anonyme: Caeremoniale monasticum romanum 1634; Mersenne Marin: Harmonie universelle 1636; Trichet Pierre: Traite des instruments c. 1640; Anonyme: Caeremoniale romanum 1659; Sonnet Martin: Caeremoniale parisiense 1662; Nivers Guillaume Gabriel: Livre d'orgue contenant cent pieces 1665; Sainte-Catherine Pierre de: Ceremonial monastique 1669; Anonyme: Caeremoniale ecclesiasticum 1669; Anonyme: Maniere de toucher l'orgue s. d. Volume 2:Lebegue Nicolas-Antoine: Les pieces d'orgue 1676; Lebegue Nicolas-Antoine: Second livre d'orgue 1678; Anonyme: Caeremoniale monasticum 1680; Gigault Nicolas: Livre de musique dedie a la tres Ste vierge 1682; Nivers Guillaume Gabriel: Dissertation sur le chant gregorien 1682; Gigault Nicolas: Livre de musique pour l'orgue 1685; Raison Andre: Livre d'orgue contenant cinq messes 1688; Nivers Guillaume Gabriel: Motets a voix seule 1689; Anglebert Jean Henry d': Pieces de clavecin 1689; Jullien Gilles: Premier livre d'orgue 1690; Boyvin Jacques: Premier livre d'orgue 1690; Chaumont Lambert: Pieces d'orgue sur les huit tons 1695; Anonyme: Memoire du meslange des jeux fin XVIIeme s. Anonyme: Recueil de l'office senonois en general fin XVIIeme s. Anonyme: Meslange des jeux de l'orgue debut XVIIIeme s. Boyvin Jacques: Second livre d'orgue 1700; Anonyme: Ceremonial de Toul 1700; Sauveur Joseph: Application des sons harmoniques 1702; Dodart Denis: Memoire sur les causes de la voix 1703; Corrette Gaspard: Messe du 8eme ton pour l'orgue - 1703; Anonyme : Ceremonial de Bourges 1708; Clerambault Nicolas : Premier livre d'orgue c. 1714; Moucherel Christophe: Memoire instructif 1734; Corrette Michel: Premier livre d'orgue 1737; Bollioud de Mermet Louis: Memoire sur la construction de l'orgue 1738; Dandrieu Jean-Francois: Premier livre de pieces d'orgue 1739; Diderot D. : Encyclopedie 1751/1772; Corrette Michel: Nouveau livres de Noels 1753; Corrette Michel: VI concerti sei stromenti 1756; Ancelet: Observations sur la musique 1757; Anonyme: Ceremonial du choeur 1758; Rameau Jean-Philippe: Code de musique pratique 1760; Garsault Francois Alexandre Pierre de: Notionnaire ou memorial raisonne 1761; Riepp Karl Joseph: Maniere die register zu coupellieren 1766/1774. Volume 3:Dom Bedos de Celles: L'art du facteur d'orgue (texte) 1766/1778. Volume 4:Dom Bedos de Celles: L'art du facteur d'orgue (planche) 1766/1778; Anonyme: Ceremoniale de l'eglise 1769; Macquer Philippe: Dictionnaire raisonne 1773; Benaut: Pieces d'orgue 1774; Engramelle Marie Dominique Joseph: La tonotechnie 1775. Volume 5:Laborde Jean Benjamin de: Essai sur la musique 1780; Corrette Michel: Pieces pour l'orgue dans un genre nouveau 1787; Encyclopedie: Encyclopedie methodique 1788; Clicquot Francois Henri: Theorie pratique de la facture d'orgue 1789; Silbermann Jean Andre: Melange des jeux s. d. Collection supervised by the musicologist Jean Saint-Arroman, professor at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse of Paris and at the CEFEDEM Ile de France (Training Centre for Music Teachers). He is the author of the majority of our prefaces and has also been involved in library searches. Facsimiles of copies from:- Academie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Lyon (France)- archives departementales du Cher (France)- Badisches Generallandes-Archiv de Karlsruhe (Germany)- Bayerische Staatsbibliothek of Munich (Germany)- Arsenal Library of Paris (France)- Inguimbertine Library of Carpentras (France)- Mejanes Library of Aix-en-Provence (France)- Municipal Library of Albi (France)- Municipal Library of Amiens (France)- Municipal Library of Auxerre (France)- Municipal Library of Besancon (France)- Municipal Library of Bordeaux (France)- Municipal Library of Chalons-sur-Marne (France)- Municipal Library of Clermont Ferrand (France)- Municipal Library of Grenoble (France)- Municipal Library of Lyon (France)- Municipal Library of Poitiers (France)- Municipal Library of Troyes (France)- National Library of Paris (France)- Sainte-Genevieve Library of Paris (France)- British Library of London (England)- Royal Conservatory of Music of Liege (Belgique)- Gemeente Museum of The Hague (Netherlands)- Protestant Presbytery of Bouxwiller (France)- In Private Collection.

Pages: 1232
Instruments: Organ, Piano and Keyboard
The Book of Mormon -- Sheet Music from the Broadway Musical. (Piano/Vocal). By Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone. For Keyboard; Piano; Voice. This edition: Piano/Vocal. Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords; Shows & Movies. Broadway. 208 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.37573). ISBN 0739081357. Broadway. This is the official sheet music collection for the hilarious Tony Award®-winning Broadway blockbuster written by acclaimed Broadway composer Robert Lopez (Avenue Q) and South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show is lauded by critics and audiences alike as the best musical of the century. This collectible songbook allows singers and pianists to apply their talent to the show's award-winning score with piano/vocal arrangements of all 16 songs from the Original Broadway Cast Recording. Adding to the appeal of this souvenir edition are eight pages of full-color photos from the original Broadway production. Contents: * Hello! * Two by Two * You and Me (But Mostly Me) * Hasa Diga Eebowai * Turn It Off * I Am Here for You * All-American Prophet * Sal Tlay Ka Siti * Man Up * Making Things Up Again * Spooky Mormon Hell Dream * I Believe * Baptize Me * I Am Africa * Joseph Smith American Moses * Tomorrow Is a Latter Day.

Pages: 208
Instruments: Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Voice, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Film & TV, Musical/Show, Broadway
Saint Matthew Passion, BWV 244 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). For satb soli, chorus / keyboard. Choral; Original Works; Transcriptions; Oratorio; (complete); Oratorio. Baroque; German. Vocal score. Text Language: German. Composed 1727/1736. Duration 191 minutes. Published by Masters Music Publications Inc. (MT.W7403-VSC). With Text Language: German. Baroque; German.

Instruments: Choir, Piano, Voice, Organ, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Baroque Period, German, Classical, World
Adagio in g minor by Tomas Albinoni. Arranged by Chris O'Hara. For Solo Trumpet and Organ. Published by AK Brass Press (AK.AKBP242).

Instruments: Organ, B-Flat Trumpet, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Scissor Sisters -- Ta-Dah. (Piano/Vocal/Guitar). By Scissor Sisters and Scissor Sisters. For Guitar; Keyboard; Piano; Voice. This edition: Piano/Vocal/Guitar. Artist/Personality; Personality Book. Book. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.0571527639). ISBN 0571527639. Alfred is pleased to release the album-matching folio for the Scissor Sisters' 2006 release Ta-Dah. This NY-based band, formed in 2003, has gained attention both in the U.S. and in the U.K. for their unique blend of rock, pop, and dance music. Ta-Da is their second record, which reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums Chart (2006). This book provides lyrics along with arrangements for all the songs on the record. Titles are: I Don't Feel Like Dancin' * She's My Man * I Can't Decide * Lights * Land of a Thousand Words * Intermission * Kiss You off * Ooh * Paul McCartney * Other Side * Might Tell You Tonight * Everybody Wants the Same Thing.

Instruments: Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Voice, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Pop, Dance
Broadway Good Guys & Bad Guys. (Piano/Vocal/Chords). For Keyboard; Piano; Voice. This edition: Piano/Vocal/Chords. P/V/C Mixed Folio; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Broadway. Book. 224 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.29183). ISBN 073905080X. Broadway. Learn these songs from the classic heroes and villains of musical theater now! Good guy titles include C'est Moi (Camelot) * Get Me to the Church On Time (My Fair Lady) * The Impossible Dream (Man of La Mancha) * Make Someone Happy (Do-Re-Mi) * Two Lost Souls (Damn Yankees) * and many more. Bad guy titles include Alive (Jekyll & Hyde) * Everybody's Got the Right (Assassins) * Razzle Dazzle (Chicago) * Think Vulgar (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) * and many more.

Pages: 224
Instruments: Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Voice, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Broadway
Blues Keyboard Method Complete by Tricia Woods and Merrill Clark. For Keyboard; Piano. Book; CD; Keyboard/Piano; Method/Instruction. Complete Method. Blues. 288 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.37277). ISBN 0739078917. Blues. Anyone interested in learning to play blues keyboard can pick up this book and get started right away. This well-paced, comprehensive method covers everything from basic to advanced techniques. Beginning concepts include basic chords, scales, blues melodies, improvisation, turnarounds, intros, the 12-bar blues form, walking bass, and playing in a band. Intermediate topics include chord extensions, blues techniques, building bass lines, playing in key, ii--V substitutions, and slow blues. Advanced techniques include tremolo, octaves, grace notes, and two-handed chords. The book covers a variety of styles, including Chicago blues, New Orleans R&B, and jazz blues, as well as topics like chromaticism, motivic development, melodic expansion, groove, and articulation. Packed with sample licks and songs, this book is essential for any keyboardist serious about learning the blues. An MP3 CD demonstrating examples in the book is included.

Pages: 288
Instruments: Piano, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Blues, Jazz & Blues
Concierto italiano by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). For Piano. Keyboard/Piano. Published by Editorial de Musica Boileau (BO.EI0055).

Instruments: Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Baroque Period, Classical
Baroque Masterpieces by Various. For trumpet & piano (organ). Swiss import. Grade 3+. Score and parts. Published by Editions Marc Reift (MA.EMR-2328).

Instruments: Piano, Organ, B-Flat Trumpet, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Genres: Baroque Period, Classical
By Elton John. For voice and piano. Hal Leonard Keyboard Recorded Versions. Rock and Pop Rock. Difficulty: medium. Songbook. Vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names and introductory text. 160 pages. Published by Hal Leonard

Pages: 160
Instruments: Voice, Piano Accompaniment, Organ, Vocal, Piano, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Rock, Pop
The Best Of Stevie Wonder - Keyboard Signature Licks by Stevie Wonder. Arranged by Todd Lowry. For piano (keyboards). Signature Licks Keyboard. Smooth Soul, Classic Soul, Pop Rock and Instructional. Instructional book (song excerpts only) and examples CD. Instructional text. 64 pages. Published by Hal Leonard (HL.695605). ISBN 0634026437. With instructional text. Smooth Soul, Classic Soul, Pop Rock and Instructional. 9x12 inches. Learn the trademark keyboard styles of one of the most influential artists in pop, soul and R&B with this book/CD pack in our Keyboard Signature Licks series! It includes detailed musical examples, lessons, biographical notes, and full-band tracks for 14 of his best songs. About Hal Leonard Signature Licks The Signature Licks book/audio packs are especially formatted to give instruction on how to play a particular artist style by using the actual transcribed, "right from the record" licks! Designed for use by anyone from beginner right up to the experienced player who is looking to expand their insight. The books contain full performance notes and an overview of each artist or group's style with transcriptions in notes and tab. The audio accompaniment features playing tips and techniques, as well as playing examples at a slower tempo.

Pages: 64
Instruments: Piano, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Pop, Classic Soul, Soul, Urban
Smile by Charlie Chaplin. Brass Ensemble. For brass quintet (with optional keyboard, guitar, drums, and percussion). Swiss import. Grade 2+. Score and parts. Published by Editions Marc Reift (MA.EMR-5359).

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Organ, Horn, B-Flat Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Drums, Tuba, Piano and Keyboard, Brass, Trumpet
Give Glory All Creation by Jaroslav J. Vajda. Arranged by D. Butler. For SATB choir, keyboard, children's choir. Christ the King; Thanksgiving; Praise; General. Easy-Moderately Easy. Published by Concordia Publishing House (CR.98-3681U1).

Instruments: Choir, Piano, Organ, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Christian, Thanksgiving, Religious, Celebrations
Come, Ye Thankful People by Van Denman Thompson. For SATB choir and organ. Sacred Anthem: Thanksgiving. Octavo. Published by Laurel Press (LO.D17).

Instruments: Choir, Organ, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Thanksgiving, Celebrations
Fantaisie - Impromptu, Op 66 by Frederic Chopin (1810-1849). For Piano. Keyboard Music. Published by Magnamusic Distributors Inc (MM.J000107).

Instruments: Piano, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Baroque Masterpieces by Various. For alto saxophone and piano (organ). Swiss import. Grade 3+. Score and parts. Published by Editions Marc Reift (MA.EMR-2326).

Instruments: Piano Accompaniment, Organ, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Piano and Keyboard, Saxophone, Woodwinds
Genres: Baroque Period, Classical
Now is the Time by James V. Marchionda. For Unison or Children's choir, cantor, descant, assemble, optional trumpet, guitar and keyboard. From the recording "the Good News". Octavo. 7 pages. Published by World Library Publications (WL.008404).

Pages: 7
Instruments: Choir, Piano, Guitar, Organ, B-Flat Trumpet, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard, Trumpet, Brass
Genres: Christian, Religious
Muse - The Resistance by Muse. For Piano/Vocal/Guitar. Artist/Personality; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Softcover. 92 pages. Alfred Music Publishing #34613. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (HL.322314). ISBN 0739068490. 9x12 inches. Piano/vocal/guitar sheet music transcriptions for every song on Muse's 2009 hit album! Titles: Uprising • Resistance • Undisclosed Desires • United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage) • Guiding Light • Unnatural Selection • MK Ultra • I Belong to You/Mon Coeur s'Ouvre a Ta Voix • Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture • Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 2: Cross-Pollination • Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3: Redemption.

Pages: 92
Instruments: Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Voice, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Choral Instrumental Pak, Sheet Music Download, Winds/Strings. Arranger: Vicki Tucker Courtney. Composer: Reuben Morgan. Writer: Reuben Morgan; Vicki Tucker Courtney.

Pages: 4
Instruments: Choir, Organ, Strings, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard
Piano/Vocal/Guitar, Sheet Music Download. Artist: Hillsong; Hillsong United. Writer: Dylan Thomas; Reuben Morgan.

Pages: 7
Instruments: Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
This method book helps to organize the daily rehearsal and improve the overall performance level of the ensemble. From as little as five minutes a day to forty-five minutes a day, this book offers the flexibility and options to fit any particular band situation for year two throughout high school. It also provides the director with the resources to meet each student on his or her own level while challenging them to reach the next level. Foundations For Superior Performance includes: Warm-Ups articulation exercises, long tones, and progressive brass lip slurs and woodwind exercises to be played simultaneously. Chorales and Tuning Exercises interval tuning, chord tuning, and chorales in the eight main concert band keys. Technique major and minor scales, mini-scales, scale patterns, scales in thirds, interval studies, and triad and chord studies in all 12 keys Plus one octave scales and arpeggios, full range scales, chromatic scales, major arpeggios and inversions, and advanced fingering charts. Percussion Book Practical exercises for mallets, snare drum, auxiliary percussion, and timpani. 96 pages. By using Foundations For Superior Performance , the following areas can be improved: Sound (tone production). Articulation (styles and concepts). Greater flexibility, agility, and endurance. Increased range. Individual and ensemble listening skills Technique in all twelve major and minor keys. Basic understanding of music theory.

Instruments: Choir, Organ, Oboe, Percussion, Timpani, Snare Drum, Brass, Vocal, Piano and Keyboard, Woodwinds, Drums
Baroque Masterpieces by Various. For bass trombone and piano (organ). Swiss import. Grade 3+. Score and parts. Published by Editions Marc Reift (MA.EMR-2332).

Instruments: Piano Accompaniment, Organ, Bass Trombone, Piano, Piano and Keyboard, Trombone, Brass
Genres: Baroque Period, Classical
A Gaelic Blessing - Unison by John Rutter (1945-). For Unison choir and organ accompaniment (Accompaniment: Organ). Royal School of Church Music. Sacred. Medium Advanced Adult. Vocal score. Vocal score and organ accompaniment. 4 pages. Duration 1h. Published by Hinshaw Music Inc. (HI.RSCM522). With vocal score and organ accompaniment. Sacred. 9x12 inches.

Pages: 4
Instruments: Choir, Voice, Organ Accompaniment, Vocal, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Classical
Variations on "Adeste Fideles" by Marcel Dupré. Edited by Rollin Smith. For Organ. Organ Solo. H.W. Gray Saint Cecilia Series. Form: Variations. 20th Century; Christmas; Romantic; Winter. Advanced. Sheet. 16 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.GSTC00982). ISBN 0769241972. 20th Century; Christmas; Romantic; Winter. The Saint Cecilia Organ Library sets the standard in recital-quality church organ music. The series consists of hymn tunes, transcriptions of classical masterworks, and new original works for the organ.

Pages: 16
Instruments: Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: 20th Century, Christmas, Romantic Period, Classical, Miscellaneous