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Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome by Oscar Herrero. For Guitar (Classical). Misc. Product. Flamenco. Accessory. Published by Acordes Concert (MB.ACMFOH). The essential professional metronome, whether you play the guitar, cajon or palmas, dance or sing, are professional or amateur. * Metronome and Digital Chromatic Tuner programmed with all flamenco palos. * 149 different rhythm formulas. * Real sounds of 16 percussion instruments (palmas, cajon, tacon, darbuka, djembe, etc.). * 8 tracks to compose your own formulas and songs. * Time signatures from 1 to 12 beats. * Stereo sound. Combine the instruments to your liking. * Select speed: from 20 to 400 BPM. * Progressively speed up or slow down. * Your screen will inform you at all times as to the tempo. * 12 light indicators in the shape of a clock indicate accented notes (green light: normal tempo; red light: accentuated tempo). * You will feel as though you are being accompanied by genuine palmeros or percussionists with swing and flamenco soniquete. * Combine the sound of a conventional metronome, programmable with rests, minims, crotchets, quavers, triplets, etc. * Connect it to your PC to programme, compose new rhythms, practice and send the information to the Flamenco Metronome. * Built-in loudspeaker and headphone outlet enable you to carry it around with you or connect it to your Hi-Fi equipment for maximum quality. * Created by flamencos for flamencos. If you are concerned about keeping your falseta, step or voice in time, If you play the guitar, cajon or palmas, If you sing, dance, are an amateur or a professional, Keep in time with the Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome. Programmed by Guillermo McGill and Oscar Herrero ESSENTIAL FOR: BAILE - If you dance, you can use it to learn, teach, practice and perfect timing. GUITARRA - If you play the guitar, you will clearly learn to feel, assimilate and play in time. CANTE - If you want to make sure that your singing is in time, you will easily achieve this. PERCUSSION - If you play the cajon, palmas, djembe, etc., silence these during programming and play over the remaining rhythm base.

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Flamenco, Spanish, Latin, World
Paso Flamenco. (Suite). By Kees Vlak. For Fanfare Band. Original Pieces / Countries / Fantasy Suites. Original Pieces. Grade 4. Score and Parts. Published by Molenaar Edition (ML.021180070).

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Paso Flamenco. (Suite). By Kees Vlak. For Concert Band. Fantasy Suites / Countries / Original Pieces. Original Pieces. Grade 4. Score and Parts. Published by Molenaar Edition (ML.011180070).

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Metro Tuner Live 3in1, Flamenco & Classic. For Guitar (Classical). Miscellaneous Product. Flamenco. Accessory. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8432155000017). ISBN 8432155000017. Flamenco. 2.5" x 5.75" inches. The Metro Tuner is three devices in one: a chromatic, frequency (Hz) based tuner, a standard metronome and a flamenco-specific metronome. It has a quarter-inch input jack so you can plug your instrument in, as well as an internal mic and speaker with volume control. Both the standard and flamenco metronomes have 11 patterns and rhythms to practice with. The beats-per-minute ranges from 40 to 300. A mini jack allows you to plug your headphones in. Comes with a 9-volt battery.

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Flamenco Guitar in 48 Lessons. (Four DVD Set). By Jose Manuel Montoya. For Guitar (Fingerpicking). Methods. RGB Arte Visual. Flamenco. Multiple Levels. DVD. Duration 480 minutes. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8493445294). ISBN 9788493445294. Flamenco. 5.25" x 7.5" inches. The Four DVD set of progressive Flamenco Guitar in 48 Lessons for all levels including those who have no notion of the guitar or musical theory yet. The methodology that is being used is the same as used by Jose Manuel Montoya (teacher) in his private classes. The basic techniques that are being studied are applied from the beginning to the most attractive flamenco forms palos; Tangos, Solea, Bulerias and Fandango de Huelva, making the study more enjoyable. The learning methodology is designed to study one lesson per week, and practicing half an hour daily at the beginning of the course and from the third month, one hour a day. Jose Manuel Montoya, leads to apply this same course for years and it is GUARANTEED that by the end of this course, students will reach the level of Flamenco guitar as shown in the following audios, plus a full mastery of the technique. This DVD Set offers tracks in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and Japanese.

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Palindromia Flamenca by Antonio Ruda. For soprano saxophone, guitar, cajon flamenco, symphonic band. Symphonic band with solo, Grade 3-4. Soloist. Grade 3-5. Score and parts (A4). 164 pages. Duration 05:50. Published by Piles Editorial de Musica (PD.PIL0856). ISBN M-3505-0255-5.

Pages: 164
Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Paso Flamenco. (Suite). By Kees Vlak. For Brass Band. Fantasy Suites. Grade 3. Score and Parts. Published by Molenaar Edition (ML.040068070).

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Metodo de Zapateado Flamenco Volume 1, 2, and 3 dvd set. (Alegrias y Guajira). By Rosa de las Heras. Boxed. Intermediate. 3-DVD Set. 66 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.8494082207). ISBN 9788494082207. 5.75 x 7.5 inches. The Flamenco Zapateado Method is backed up by a doctoral thesis which Rosa de las Heras carried out on the teaching of the flamenco.Throughout the DVD, on one side we shall see the different parts of the foot used, and the ways to strike the floor which we'll call the TECHNIQUES (Sole, halft sole, heel block,, heel edge, toe, etc.). And on the other side, we shall also see the different rhythms made by using these techniques in different flamenco palos.The collection is made up of 3 DVDs and booklet with explanations, in 3 languages languages: Spanish, English and Japanese .Zapateado 1: Alegrias y Guajira Zapateado 2: Solea por Bulerias y FandangosZapateado 3: Seguiriyas y Tangos Also, throughout the exercises we shall simultaneously see the innovative and specific annotation used to write the flamenco zapateado, based on the standard Western style. To facilitate the study and to follow the exercises directly on the screen, additional information is displayed showing to the student the beat, the annotation of both- feet, rhythm, etc. In order to differentiate the two feet, Rosa de las Heras used each shoe of a different color, so that the student can follow an individual foot easily. In addition, all exercises are shown on the right foot (red) first in the forefront, and then shown in the forefront the left foot (green) so that students clearly can see the movements of each foot. There are up to eight audio options to help the study: combinations of Zapateado, Guitar, palmas and metronome sounds. In this way the students can practice at home alone with the DVD by selecting the desired audio. Zapateado + Guitar + Palmas + MetronomeZapateado + Guitar + Palmas Zapateado + Palmas + MetronomeZapateado + GuitarGuitar + Palmas + Metronome Guitar + Metronome GuitarPalmas + Metronome.

Pages: 66
Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Maestros clasicos de la guitarra flamenca Vol.3 : Serranito by Claude Worms. For flamenco guitar. Classical. Score and CD. 130 pages. Published by Editions Combre (LM.C06552).

Pages: 130
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Classical, Flamenco, Latin
Maestros contemporaneos Vol. 1 : V. Amigo by Claude Worms. For flamenco guitar. Classical. Score. 124 pages. Published by Editions Combre (LM.C06453).

Pages: 124
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Classical, Flamenco, Latin