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Duende flamenco Vol. 3A - Siguiriya et Serrana by Claude Worms. For flamenco guitar. Classical. Score. Published by Editions Combre (LM.C05699).

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Classical, Flamenco, Latin
Flamenco Guitar in 48 Lessons, Vol. 4 Lessons 38-48. (Guitarra Flamenca en 48 Clases, Vol. 4 Clases 38-48). By Jose Manuel Montoya. For Guitar (Fingerpicking). Methods. RGB Arte Visual. Flamenco. Intermediate-Advanced. DVD. Duration 120 minutes. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8493445287). ISBN 9788493445287. Flamenco. 5.25" x 7.5" inches. DVD 4 of the progressive Flamenco Guitar in 48 Lessons for all levels including those who have no notion of the guitar or musical theory yet. The methodology that is being used is the same as used by Jose Manuel Montoya (teacher) in his private classes. The basic techniques that are being studied are applied from the beginning to the most attractive flamenco forms palos; Tangos, Solea, Bulerias and Fandango de Huelva, making the study more enjoyable. The learning methodology is designed to study one lesson per week, and practicing half an hour daily at the beginning of the course and from the third month, one hour a day. Jose Manuel Montoya, leads to apply this same course for years and it is GUARANTEED that by the end of this course, students will reach the level of Flamenco guitar as shown in the following audios, plus a full mastery of the technique. This DVD offers tracks in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and Japanese. This DVD Set offers tracks in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and Japanese.

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Baila Conmigo por Alegrias. (Dance with Me por Alegrias). For Guitar (Classical). Methods. Flamenco. Beginning-Intermediate. Compact Disc. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8353801228). ISBN 8428353801228. Flamenco. 5.25" x 5" inches. Dance method for the beginner level, which facilitates the study and understanding of flamenco dance leading to professional level.

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Diego El Cigala en concert + Ir y Venir by Diego El Cigala. By Diego El Cigala. This edition: French Edition. Varietes. Arte Flamenco. Flamenco. DVD. Published by Editions Bourges (BU.FJF-001).

Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Flamenco Bass Clinic. (Bajo Flamenco - Rumba, Tangos, Tanguillos and Bulerias). By Mariano Martos. For Electric Bass Guitar. Methods. RGB Arte Visual. Flamenco. Beginning. DVD. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8493767303). ISBN 9788493767303. Flamenco. 5.25" x 7.5" inches. In this Book/DVD, Mariano Martos, explains Flamenco Bass Technique, examples of Rumba, Tangos, Tanguillos and Bulerias. Emulation techniques to other instruments and play with harmonics. Author's original compositions that show how to work on the studied rhythms. The DVD has many possibilities as you can listen to the bass separately, or all instruments together combining the different instruments. English and Spanish. DVD full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).

Genres: Flamenco, Tango, Latin
Duende flamenco Vol. 4C - Tangos, tientos et farruca by Claude Worms. For flamenco guitar. Classical. Score. Published by Editions Combre (LM.C05988).

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Classical, Flamenco, Tango, Latin
Palmas por Palos, Volume 1 by Jeronimo Utrilla. For Guitar (Classical). Methods. RGB Arte Visual. Flamenco. Beginning-Intermediate. Book+DVD. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8493767389). ISBN 9788493767389. Flamenco. 5.25" x 7.5" inches. The "Palmas por Palos" series is a continuation and a complement of the "Learn and practice the palmas" though this one includes some new ideas and elements to study the Flamenco rhythm. The main features are: Practice of complete Palos: Bulerias, Fandangos de Huelva, Rumba, Seguiriya and Tanguillos. It includes baile in some palos Palmas of baile have a little difference with palmas of cante. The baile has in its structure some parts like escobillas, where the palmas must beat clearly the compas (flamenco metre) base. Thereby palmas are played consecutively in the base and in the 2nd voice. The palmas are played in all the palos since the beginning to the end and in two voices (palmas base and second voice). That is, as playing live with two palmeros (people who clap). This is the first time we perform muffled palmas. 80 new palmas patterns which include base patterns, second voices and remates. The difficult level of these new patterns is harder than the "Learn and Practice the Palmas" DVD one so it is advisable to study the most basic and essential patterns of the first volume before. The palmas scores of all the palo's are included. Every score points out, bar by bar, the palmas pattern used in the bases and in the second voice. There is no need of musical knowledge to read the palmas graphics as they are very visual and have an easy comprehension.

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Flamenco al Piano 2 - Tangos. (Progressive Method: Learning, Playing, Improvising, Composing). By Lola Fernandez. For Keyboard (Piano). Methods. Flamenco. Advanced. Book. 68 pages. Published by Acordes Concert (MB.8493626037). ISBN 9788493626037. Flamenco. 8.25" x 11.75" inches. Flamenco on the Piano is a method conceived for teaching pianists how to play flamenco. In this treatise, pianists, composers and music scholars in general will find a detailed study of the rhythm, harmony, melody and formal structures of each of the flamenco styles and their transformation into flamenco piano. This is a completely new kind of teaching material that includes scores for learning and playing traditional flamenco piano plus resources for improvisation, composition and fusion of the styles. This second volume of the Flamenco on the Piano collection focuses on tangos, a style that combines musical features of the most jondo music with those of other more extroverted flamenco styles. Flamenco al Piano es un metodo concebido para ensenar a los pianistas a tocar flamenco. En este tratado, no solo pianistas sino compositores, teoricos y musicos en general encontraran un estudio minucioso de la r"tmica, armon"a, melod"a y estructuras formales de cada uno de los palos y su trasformacion practica en piano flamenco. Nos encontramos ante un material didactico novedoso que integra, ademas de partituras para el aprendizaje y la interpretacion del piano flamenco tradicional, recursos para la improvisacion, composicion y fusion de los estilos. La coleccion Flamenco al Piano dedica este segundo volumen al estudio de los Tangos, palo que combina rasgos musicales de los estilos mas "jondos" con otros propios del flamenco mas extrovertido.

Pages: 68
Instruments: Piano, Organ, Piano and Keyboard
Genres: Flamenco, Tango, Latin
Vamos Rumberos - 7 Flamenco-Rumbas by Jochen Jasner. For 2 guitars (Score and CD). Published by Musikverlag Vogt & Fritz (E4.VF-332-00). ISBN M-2026-0124-2. 7 Flamenco-Rumbas fur 2 Gitarren (Solo/Rhythmus). Frische und eingangige, leicht spielbare Melodien, dazu ein typischer Rhythmus der Rumba flamenca. Fur Spieler mit Spass an Gitarren-Rumbas und uberhaupt an rhythmisch-lebendiger Gitarrenmusik.

Instruments: Flamenco Guitar, Guitar
Genres: Flamenco, Latin
Flamenco Method for Melodic Instruments by Juan Parrilla. For B Flat Instruments. Methods. RGB Arte Visual. Flamenco. Beginning. Book/CD Set. 200 pages. Published by RGB Arte Visual (MB.8493737832). ISBN 9788493737832. Flamenco. 8.75" x 12" inches. Flamenco Method for Melodic Instruments studies some of the main flamenco 'palos': TANGOS, SOLEA, BULERIAS, SEGUIRIYAS and ALEGRIAS, and TANGUILLOS. The study of each 'palo' consists of: The explanation of different measures applicable and the different claps accompaniments. Articulations, measure, anticipation and rhythm exercises. A melodic theme composed by the author "Juan Parrilla", which will help the pupil to apply the things learned in the former exercises accompanied by the guitar, percussion and palmas. There are two audio versions for the melodic theme, with & without flute. This method also includes all the scores in the different clefs used by most of the melodic instruments: 'G' clef 'F' clef Transposing for instruments in 'B' flat Transposing for instruments in 'E' flat Includes a CD with all exercises +6 melodic themes with two audio versions (flute + accompaniment, and accompaniment without flute). Text in English and Spanish.

Pages: 200
Genres: Flamenco, Latin